Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Lambs....part two

There's nothing better than a sheep to make you look stupid. Well, besides my own pea pickin' self. Look what I found when I went out to feed last night.

I know how it happened (a ram lamb from a few years ago didn't get completely castrated), but as he'd not gotten anyone bred in three years, I sure didn't expect it to happen now.

The momma is one of "the belly's", Emily's family line beginning with Annabelly, aka Anna Big Belly, our very first baby, years ago. Baby Belly is a first time mom, had no pre-natal care other than lots of good pasture, was out in the big field with the whole herd and managed to have this little lamb all on her own and knew just what to do.

I'm looking forward to trying to catch some better pictures, but as a proud (of the sheep, not myself) grandmother, or I guess great-grandmother, I couldn't wait to spread the news.

We also need another name!


Peruby said...

Patches? Or if you want a fancier name, there is "kimi" (Algonquin girl name) meaning "secret".
And for a boy name, Takoda.Sioux for "friend to everyone."
Alfie, Abby, Babs, Nombre (spanish for surprise), Dazzle, Miracle, or Suri (beginning of surprise).
This is fun.

~Tonia~ said...

OMG too adorable! Humm names ... Cutie Pie (Pie for short, Pie Belly), Dot, Buda Belly, Buddy Belly. Guess it depends on if it is a male or female. :)

Guess what.... I have posted. :) Where you planing to go to Hoosier Hills Fiberarts Festival this year?

~Molly~ said...

Why that's Dot of course, I'd recognize her anywhere!LOL Or maybe its Pokey(as in pokeydots). I do get them confused now and then.



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