Thursday, June 5, 2008

Clover Belly

Saint Tim comes up with all the good names: Ewen McTeagle, Boudreaux, Tilly Bobby, Weaslie, and my personal favorite, The Ass Brothers (Fat and Dumb aka Handy and T-Bone). Sometimes the names just come to us and sometimes they are earned.

The little Jacob ewe lamb seems to be Clover Belly. Not only did it just come to me, but I also found this while I was out taking pictures of her yesterday.

We are still working on the NY sheep. I've gotten some great suggestions - Rusty for the brown ewe lamb is on the short list for sure as I have another special friend with that name, but nothing is sticking for the Cotswold ram lamb.

Keep the suggestions coming!


Anonymous said...

Brutus? Harold? Harvey? William?

Anonymous said...

OK -- so I'm catching up on blog-reading and this is a "stale" entry by now (not really, you know, but a couple of weeks make it seem so), but: on the subject of earned names, we once had a ram lamb we called Piss Pot for the reason that the very first act he committed as a newly birthed ram was to pee all over me. They do sometimes earn their own titles.



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