Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Well, I AM A Very Grateful Person...

Here's a little sillyness for you. The blogthings site is pretty funny. You can not only find out what flower you are, but what kind of donut you would be and even your vampire name. That would surely come in handy sometime, don't you think ;-).

I do have a pretty flower and weaving picture to post, but I should really be WORKING instead of finding out what punctuation sign I am. Get Busy!

What An Iris Says About You

You are incredibly hopeful and courageous.

Even when you've been challenged in life, you have faith that everything will work out.

Your feelings run deep, and you are a very grateful person.


~Tonia~ said...

What These Daisies Say About You

You have a spirt of pure optimism. Your view of the world is eternally cheerful.
You are bold and vibrant. Incredibly striking, you always stand out in a crowd.
You are adaptable and flexible. You can thrive in almost any situation.

~Tonia~ said...

I needed something to brighten my day. This waiting is driving me crazy.


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