Wednesday, April 2, 2008

That Time Of The Year

Well, I had this brilliant idea that I would shear all the sheep myself this year. I've done that in the past...when I had 11. It about killed me. What was I thinking with 19! Sigh. I have five done.

The first four look pretty good, but Ewen McTeagle (the fifth one) looks like I put a bowl on his head. And the bowl was crooked. His wool was so thick I couldn't get the shears into it. It was like I was shearing him with cuticle scissors. I was so discouraged that I decided that, in the immortal words of Brett Favre, I should probably "take two weeks off and then quit."

Well, the sun came out this morning, the wind wasn't nearly as miserable and I decided to wash Ewen's fleece. I'd have to be in a pretty bad mood if washing a fleece didn't restore some hope. Then, I took a few minutes this afternoon to play with my new toy, I mean tool, a Patrick Green Supercard.

This is some of Ewen's (Hampshire/Suffolk) lamb fleece blended with Buddy's (Cotswold) lamb fleece.

Okay, maybe I'll stick with it.


Dianne MacDonald said...

Congrats on the Supercard. I have one too and I can tell you it is a serious toy!

~Molly~ said...

Oh that is beautiful(sucking in breath appreciatively). Now, where's the picture of Ewen McTeagle? I wanna see him all sleek and frisky!


~Tonia~ said...

Oooo nice new toy. ;) And you said that none of the fleeces were worth anything this year.


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