Sunday, March 4, 2012

Measurable Snow

If you use a MACRO LENS!!!


We actually have a little snow predicted for tonight. I'll reserve judgement, but so far this winter has been "an epic fail" :-/.


So, the voting's over. How did Graham vs. The Grahaminator 2000 wind up?

The very first day a few people voted for "Why that little darling would NEVER do something like that."

My thoughts at the time ranged from "Who are these idiots!" to "Do these people even read this blog?!?"

Day Two Graham was still giving it the ole college try, but as That Andy pointed out, the physics were against him. I still was not convinced. I mean, this is Graham we were talking about. By now maybe 8 people have voted for him behaving. Whatever.

Looking back, Day Three was completely uneventful. That should have been noted at the time...but wasn't.

Day Four I set out hay for all the sheep, fed Hank and noticed I was standing by the Grahaminator 2000...all by myself. This was too good to be true. Or was it?

On Day Five Graham no longer even looks our way. He's out with everyone else eating hay. I feel kinda funny. Almost sad. If he'd looked like he was moping or depressed, with no will left to live, I'd have probably caved and taken the platform down.

Hank looks at me.

"Are you nuts?!?"


I've had a sneak peak at Lori's guest blog for tomorrow. This is going to be so fun!


Alice said...

Your “snow” looks like the powdered sugar left from my Commemorative Powdered Lemon Girl Scout cookie ;-)
Glad I lost this bet. Hank needs to be able to eat his food in peace. Graham will find something else to get into.
Will practice my sheep technique tonight to get ready for tomorrows lesson! Pencils are sharpened!

Dreaming said...

Your picture cracked me up! We had a day in the 60's. So much of our snow melted. I felt indignant that someone had snow... when we had nice weather! Then... anticlimactic... funny!

Gayle said...

I was sure he could do it. I'm not giving up on him yet....

Christine said...

He's just waiting for the supplies he ordered to arrive.

Christine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nancy K. said...

Oh Graham.
I'm terribly disappointed.

Incredible photo!

Michelle said...

It renews my faith in mankind that you and Tim were actually able to foil Graham.

The snow photo is BEAUTIFUL.

Anonymous said...

I honestly thought he would do it, just walk up the plank and join Hank!

I really did


Ed said...

Give him time, he is a bit sheepish of the Grahminator 2000. That you don;t realize is that he is buying his time and plotting.:-)


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