Monday, March 26, 2012

The Draw A Sheep Art Show picked Cynthia P. Congratulations! Send me an email with your address :-).

If you sent a sheep sketch and it doesn't show up below, let me know! I
think I got everyone, but I'd hate to have missed someone. I won't do the book drawing until this evening just in case. Also, if I wrongly identified anyone, again let me know :-o.

Without further ado (and in no particular order other than in groups to try to make sure I didn't get something wrong) presenting the Draw A Sheep Art Show!!!

Chris S.

Susan W.

Cynthia P.

John C.

John C.

John C.


Alice K.

Alice K.

Alice K.

Alice K.

Alice K.

Aaron M.

Dick F.

Tina E.

Brenda C.

Kendra G.

Judy P.

Tina E.

Deb T.

Ann W.

Ann W.

Ann W.

Ann W.

Aren't these great! How about a big round of applause :-D.

And a big BOOOO for me because I didn't get my B. Willard picture done. I need to Find me some Five even when I'm in super busy springtime mode. Especially when I'm super busy springtime mode, eh?

Hold me accountable! And check back to see who won the book drawing :-).


Ann W. said...

Beautiful artwork!

Alice said...

Amazing sheep drawings!!
Thanks "three bags full",Sara, for initiating this fun assignment, and to the three artists who shared their time and technique with all of us. I doubt that I would have spent the month of March drawing my own assorted flock of sheep :-)

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Wow, what a fabulous array of styles from a talented bunch of sheep artists! I did draw some myself, and I want to do more, so one of these days, when I get my scanner hooked up, I will do a blog post on them, but it'll be late. I'm running a bit behind on most things these days.

janna Edrington said...

How fun! I love how they are all different but all so great.

Nancy K. said...

WOW! You've got some very talented readers!

I'm in the same boat as Claire...

KatieB said...

Dang! There are some near professional looking drawings in that beautiful bunch. Contrats to all and a big Thank You to Ms. Sara.

Benita said...

There is a lot of talent in there and some awesome sheepy pictures. I am impressed!

fengirl said...

Wow, what an art show. So much variety. Thanks for doing this!!(have copied it from the Mia sized blog-I just discovered the 2 sets of comments)

Dreaming said...

It is fun to see so many different styles. Some of the pieces are truly works of art!

Sue said...

What fun pics. I missed getting mine in cuz I've been busy lambing and taking care of a bottle baby, but it's been a fun exercise. Thanks for the incentive, and I hope Ms. Eweniece is feeling better.

Loco Lindy said...

These are so cute, what a nice idea!

Terry said...

Holy cow, er sheep, those are fabulous!

tonya said...

What a great turnout for the art show, and so much great talent! Thanks for sharing!

Sandy said...

Loved seeing everyone's sheep.
Nice blog.


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