Equinox Farm

We closed on the purchase of our farm on the fall equinox in 2003 and really put on our thinking caps to come up with the name Equinox Farm ;-).  Seriously though, it meant a great deal to both of us and truly seemed to "fit", just like the farm itself.

Equinox Farm consists of 26 acres of gently rolling Kentucky bluegrass (and some fescue and orchard grass and a bunch of clover for the bees, too).  It is the home to 33 sheep of all sorts and sizes and colors and stories, two horses, two dogs, two highly opinionated calico cats, 15 "entertaining" Adventure Chickens and as many small birds and critters as the cats allow.

We appreciate the opportunity to be able to be good caretakers of our farm animals and good stewards of the land and the wild animals who live here or pass through.  We love living in a small town where we know all of our neighbors and a big chunk of the rest of the community as well.  We are blessed.

We are happy to welcome guests to our farm to meet the sheep or just sit and relax on the porch.  We ask that you please contact us (email is best) ahead of time to schedule a visit.  The sheep ask that you please bring them a box of saltine or graham crackers or vanilla wafers ;-).  There is no charge for a tour, but a donation to the hay fund is always appreciated.

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall



Glenda said...

Any chance you will turn these wonderful photos into note cards? I'd also love to have the winter scenes for Christmas cards. Puhleeze consider.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Sure! I can do that. Or should I say TIM can do that :-). Blank inside?


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