Monday, June 10, 2024

What's Hoppening?

Meet Pinot :-)

Wow, I didn't think about how hard it was going to be to type P-i-n-o-t rather than P-i-n-t-o.

Pinot is the new kid around here.  I've wanted a pet rabbit for a long time, but kept talking myself out of it.  I didn't need one more thing to take care of...blah blah blah.  Then I saw a post on IG that said life is short and to make time for the things that make you happy and I decided it was time.

Pinot is a six year old, probably mostly Lionhead rabbit.  I adopted him from the Lexington Humane Society.  He's currently living in the wash room at the Wool House and today we ventured out for some playtime on the porch.  

He had a blast :-).

He's very friendly and easy to work around and is litter trained.

And isn't too bothered by Naughty Bea...who, along with the naughty cats will probably never get the opportunity to be naughty.

He's currently camped out in a cage and run on the top wool drying rack and I thought that might be a bit of an inconvenience, but I love having him right up high just as I walk in the door.  He's pretty happy with the set up too.

There's a bit more to the story, but it's late.  More to come!


Michelle said...

Oh, I like that – doing what makes you happy before it's too late. Welcome, Pinot! How long do pet rabbits generally live?

janejmtl said...

I don’t know much about rabbits (apart from Beatrix Potter books and Watership Down), but Pinot is certainly a cutie and seems to be quite laidback. I’m glad you took the IG post to heart.

Far Side of Fifty said...

He is pretty cute:)

thecrazysheeplady said...

When I was researching house rabbits, most of the articles say 10-12. Turns out Lionheads are not usually that long :'-(. Still, we are good with senior animals here so hopefully he'll be an anomaly, and if not, he'll have a great retirement here.

Terry and Linda said...

OH! So exciting! I have a friend who has house rabbits. She says they are neat (they always poop and pee in the same spot so she uses pads) and are very cuddly!

Mary Ann said...

I have had several pet rabbits and loved them! I have eight cats now, between barn and house... so I would be more wary. :-) He's lovely!

Diane said...


I had/bred/made yarn from their fur/angora rabbits for 35 years. As I closed in on retirement I just stopped breeding and the numbers gradually dropped off the closer I got to retirement. I said whoever was last rabbit standing would get to be a house rabbit. Angoras usually only last 5 - 6 years (major suckage) and the last one was 5+ when she came into the house. Years of living in a cage and she figured out the litter box idea and formed a special bond with one of my cats. Warmed my heart something special. And she lived to be just over 7 years...the all time record! End of an era for me when she passed.

I hope you get to have such special times with Pinot.


Shelley said...

Bunnies are the best. I had four at one time at my shop but watch your cords! They love to sit back and laugh as you discover your charging cord was severed! ( at least five times). Also lamp cords, extension cords... nothing is safe. And take out any furniture with lead paint (antiques). These shenanigans are minor compared to the joy of having a rabbit who loves you!

Shirley said...

Oh those wiggly noses and bunny hops! I'm sure you will enjoy whatever time you get with this adorable little guy!
When I was a kid one of the places we lived had had a plethora of rabbits- domestic rabbits that had been dumped there and gone wild, and being rabbits, they were numerous. My siblings and I would tame them and have our favourites- some of them got to be quite big, no idea what breed. And of course, when times were lean, we had rabbit stew, but mom and dad were not allowed to harvest the pet ones.


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