Saturday, December 9, 2023

Find You A Sheep...

 ...who looks at your artwork the way Big J does :-).

While I would like to talk to Maisie, even though I feel like I know mostly what she'd have to say, who I'd really like to talk to is Big J.  What a great old sheep.  I'd love to know what he thinks about and understands.  He was very interested in the painting last year as well. 

I've had to wait a couple of days for an overcast sky to take a digital picture of the painting, but I'm sure not going to complain about a couple of warm, sunny days in December :-).  I got the picture taken this morning and it's headed off to "the printer" and if all goes well, we'll be ready to start mailing on Monday.


Far Side of Fifty said...

I would like to know what he is thinking also, knowing what Maisie thinks could be dangerous!

Shirley said...

Horses and elephants can paint. Why not sheep? You should try him with a paint brush for his mouth and a canvas. Don't let Maisie see!!!!

Lady Locust said...

Awe ~ love it.


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