Monday, April 24, 2023

My Favorite Sheep...Of The Week

This week's Sheep of the Week is Kaala.  Kaala actually has two names, but I never can remember the second part.  Hopefully Benita will chime in.  Actually Kaala has several names.  Tim calls her Klaatu, who I think is a character from a movie, and I call her Kaala Mary, pronounced kalamari ;-).

Kaala has been here for almost five years now, retiring here from a disbursing breeding flock in Indiana.  I'm guessing that makes her at least eight now.  She's a Clun Forest (always easy to spot because of their cute little upright ears) and interestingly she's not white.  She's actually a light gray, which is very rare.  You can see that where her wool parts. 

Note: in reference to Saturday's post about hair and wool, it's easy to see where Kaala's face hair (black) turns to wool (cream colored).

I love looking back at the history of these Sheep of the Week.  I'd forgotten about her and Lila being best friends.  Lila always did such a good job helping new sheep transition in.  Kaala sleeping on her hip is a good memory.  Nice to see old Buddy in there, too.

Kaala has a big personality.  She'd have been one of the popular cheer leader types if she was a person.  She is always popular with the boys and when the girls get into scuffles, she's almost always (probably always) right up in the mix.  When the boys get into scuffles, it's frequently something she started. She's very sassy ;-).

 "I am not sassy!"


Any requests for the next Sheep of the Week?


Benita Story said...

Her full name is Kaala Hiraka, which is Hindi for Black Diamond. I loved owning her before she came to be yours, and I have her first three years worth of fiber - two which are yarn ready to weave with. Thank you Sara for taking her in. Glad to know she "livens" thinhs up there. :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

She has such an elegant face!

microdog141 said...

Klaatu??!!? yep, from one of the best movies ever, The Day The Earth Stood Still. Klaatu, berada nikto. The giant robot police of the galaxy. The one that bzzzpt the tanks away, disappeared armaments (including tanks). That makes this one scary sheep! -cheri in urbana

Terry and Linda said...

She is so Queenly looking

Shirley said...

She does look sassy!


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