Monday, November 28, 2022

Happy Birthday, Archie!

We don't exactly know when Archie's birthday really is, but since he had so much fun at Maisie's party and Auntie Reg had found a Temptations Birthday Party Pack for him, we decided Saturday was as good a day as any :-).

"Hurry up with the prizes!"

"These are nice, but I sure wish I'd gotten a cake like Maisie."

Reg flips box over ;-).

"This is the best cake ever!  It's even better than the Cheerios cake!"

Happy Birthday, Archie :-).


Michelle said...

Awww! What about Possum???

Shirley said...

One must not eclipse Maisie! It's fitting that his "birthday" should be after hers. ;0)

Terry and Linda said...

HAPPY Birthday, Archie!

Dirt Devils said...

Happy Birthday cutie;)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Birthday Archie! I think he and Maisie are kindred spirits!


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