Monday, October 31, 2022

The Great Pumpkins

After most of the pumpkins in the accidental pumpkin patch were eaten by the sheep, I stashed the last few in the garage for the big day.

And Auntie Reg picked up a few extras at Stepping Stone Farm.

Of course 20 helped and he brought Pip along for the fun, too!

Since Short Round was one of the main pumpkin eaters and she and Maisie are breakfast buddies and we couldn't stop her anyway, we let her join Maisie's Halloween party...but we whipped up a quick hat topper.  She didn't care one bit.

"I think the yellow pumpkins taste the best!"

Pinto was watching all the activity with great interest...and longing (for cookies) so we dressed him up as well.  

I think he liked it...or the cookies ;-).

Bea did her best to talk Auntie Reg out of more cookies.

Her very best.

"I don't mind dressing up for cookies!"

Tricks or Treats!


Michelle said...

Well OBVIOUSLY they weren't "peopled-out" by Hug-A-Sheep Day!

katherine littrell said...

Well, Pinto sure has come a long way! He is so adorable as a pumpkin! And Short Round with her hat!😀 And Maisie, well no one tops Maisie. She is the costume Queen! I hope lil Bea managed to get a treat or two. I'm sure she had a few tricks up her sleeve.😁 K.Littrell

Lady Locust said...

I love love love every one of these photos. What a hoot! The pumpkin blankets - that's such a "Doh! Why didn't I ever think of that?" Those are absolutely great.
Happy Halloween :-)

Shirley said...

Love the one of Short Round looking right at the camera!

Terry and Linda said...

Someday, oh someday I will get to come

Far Side of Fifty said...

Fun!! They are all great sports as long as there are cookies or pumpkins!


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