Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Meanwhile, Back At The Horse Show

Unbelievably, I do not have not much more to share with you than to say we had a really good time at the Indiana Combined Driving Event and Frankie did an amazing job.  I headed to dressage and cones on Saturday without my phone/camera and Tim was volunteering on Sunday so he wasn't able to take any pictures that day :-/.  

Tim did take video of dressage and cones, but he has an Android phone and I have a "real" phone (ducking ;-) and I don't have a good way to get his videos over to my phone.  Luckily Auntie Reg took a video of our dressage test and we were able to just push a button and ding, there is was :-).

Everything we did this year was better than we did last year.  Well, except for the stop watches.  We somehow did even worse with the stop watches this year and will be purchasing new watches for next year!

Frankie drove a really solid dressage test and we were in first place after that.  I hit one cone, the very last one, and we were a couple of seconds too slow so had 6 penalty points in cones.  For marathon Frankie was much stronger and faster this year and drove all of the hazards fearlessly, but we were still too slow and dropped to second place at the finish.  I'm still very proud of him and how well he did this year.  



Lori Skoog said...

Yay Frankie! Would love to have been there watching!!!

Michelle said...

Second year showing and second place? That's an admirable amount of progress!

Shirley said...

Frankie looks great! Happy and shiny and smooth moving. Good job!

Dos Galgos said...

Team Frankie is looking mighty fine now, he's really listening and enjoying the work. Your turnout is quite nice.

Sheepmom said...

So collected but relaxed. Great job!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Congrats on second place! Frankie rocks!!


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