Monday, January 3, 2022

Insert Face Palm Emoji

A "terrible" friend gave me a puzzle for Christmas.  "It had sheep on it so I had to!"  At first I was really excited.  I love doing the online puzzles and had been toying with getting a table puzzle, but had just never done it.  I started working on this one immediately.

It was a 1000 piece puzzle.  That's a lot of little pieces.  I finally got the edge done and started trying to work on the inside and almost wasn't having a lot of fun with it and was a bit disappointed.  I stuck with it though and got better as I went along and then I got sort of obsessed with it.

I started seeing puzzle pieces in my sleep.  The shapes, the colors, the textures in the painting and even though I'd given myself "permission" to work on it over the holiday, I felt like it was taking up too much time and decided I'd be glad when it was finished!

I stayed up late one night and finally snapped the last piece into place.  It was a pretty puzzle.  It was fun.  I was sort of sad it was finished...but the next morning I gave it one last look and carefully took it apart and put it away. 

Whew!  Thank goodness that's over!  


And then I started to get a little itchy.


I kind of wished I had another puzzle to work.


Hmmm, I wonder if there are any more puzzles out there with sheep on them...


I'll just take a quick look.


Oh look!  There's a pretty one with sheep.  It's called "Evening at the Barnyard".  

"After a hard day's work, this farmer is headed back into the barn to wrap up the day and head home for dinner.  Dominic Davison helps us observe a typical evening at the barnyard."

I had to laugh...and immediately clicked "buy".  Why?  Not just because it's a pretty puzzle and it has sheep on it.  Look closely.  Where are the sheep?  Loose out in front of the barn haha.  And the chickens are running around out by the road ;-).

Yep, that's a pretty typical evening at the barnyard here :-D. 

If you'd like to work a puzzle of my puzzle...


Camp said...

funny! they can be addicted. love your online puzzles as i "click" each piece in to place. When HH and I were first married (no money, etc.) we sat every night and worked on a puzzle together. As we finished each one he would mount it on a board. They all hung in his old workshop. It reminded me of the good times, how hard we worked to build that house, trying to save our pennies. Funny now that we are in a new house (or somewhat still new) i thought of puzzles at Christmas. I think we might need to work on a puzzle. and i could never bare to take them apart. they make a beautiful picture and reminds me of the good time (well mostly good unless we argued over the pieces lol).

Brenda said...

I love puzzles! But how do pieces go missing? 😾🐈When I do your puzzles all the pieces are there!

Sandy said...

I gave my husband a pencil puzzle (Google it) for Christmas. He started it yesterday and on top of some pieces not being cut (three pieces are one), it is missing a border piece. That border piece will irritate him for the duration.

AdrieneJ said...

I think it's interesting that people who craft also seem to be people who like puzzles. I think it's because we like to figure stuff out. One of our neighbours around the corner built a mini library outside his house when the pandemic started and he included a few puzzles in there. We borrowed each of them one by one and worked on them as the world seemed to lay in shambles around us. I always thought it was amazing that every single piece was still in there, despite the fact that it has been borrowed several times.

Michelle said...

Seriously? You owned NO jigsaw puzzles?!? I have loved them since I was a wee child, although I don't have a good place to set one up out the way now. But yes, they can be addictive and make you feel guilty for spending so much time on them – like reading a good book! (At least for me.)


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