Friday, September 24, 2021

Role Models

I've taken pictures of this off and on for months and keep forgetting to share them.  I think this is interesting.

Big Moose has long idolized Jared.  This started when he was just a young sheep and he'd follow Jared around until Big J had enough and would gruffly run him off...and it usually didn't take long ;-).  And if Big Moose even thought to look at one of Jared's "wimmens", he'd get forcibly run off.  He was equal parts in awe and in fear of the head "ram".

While the main flock stays mostly together and comes and goes as a group, Rocky and Jared have always preferred to spend a little more time grazing and less time loafing.  I regularly see them out in the front field or even way out in the back by themselves and frequently in the middle of the hot afternoons.

Now there appears to be a third.  Big Moose is on the left.  I haven't seen Jared chase him lately, but maybe Big Moose is still thinking he's safer hanging with the number two in command ;-).



farm buddy said...

Where are the puppy pictures??

janejmtl said...

I find the relationships between animals endlessly fascinating. There’s so much we don’t know. I wonder if Big Moose is in training to be an elder of the flock. Does he still stand guard with Maisie at night?

Shirley said...

Herd dynamics.... so much there is we watch and pay attention.
Big Moose may be the Big Man one of these days. Head Honcho in training.


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