Saturday, December 19, 2020

Easter Eggs For Christmas

I came up with a plan for the Christmas card early in the year.  It was something cute and fun with the horses and sheep and I was excited about trying to draw and paint it.  Just before I started to work on it, B. Willard got into a bucket of greenery I'd cut and ate just enough off each branch that I could no longer really use any of them and would have to start cutting all over.  

I was laughing with Auntie Reg about that and we agreed it was 2020 in a nutshell and that should be the card design this year.

I sketched it out, had my yearly conference with my favorite art teacher, started painting...and I didn't love it.  It wasn't terrible...but it wasn't great.  There were good parts...and parts that I just didn't feel  were working out at all.  There were several things I wished I had done differently and I considered just starting all over.

It's been a sad, sentimental sort of year.  The thought of painting over the top of naughty Cheeto and Willard or the horses running around the yard or Salt sleeping under her favorite tree made me...sad and sentimental.  Those were good stories.  Good times.  

Tilly digging in the bucket to see if there was anything to eat, Possum, so happy on "her" porch, Maisie standing watch over the flock...and wearing a Santa hat, no less!  Rocky and Jared grazing in the yard and the chickens...the chickens... ;-)

There's probably too much focus on the Wool House porch, but sitting in those chairs with Kate and Tilly, watching the sun come up and Willard hobble out to "make the donuts" each morning meant a lot to me.  I hope we aren't the only ones still sitting out there somehow.

Maisie floating around by herself out in "left field", well, kind of Maisie.  I added her red hat to try to draw some attention away from the heaviness of the porch and it became a nice reminder of the fun we had dressing her up this year. 

Oh wait, I did paint out one character - Betsy (said like "Newman" from Seinfeld).  I'd originally had her looking out of the window of the Wool House, but after yet another vicious attack on sweet little Possum, I replaced her with a potted plant.  It's a special plant though.  Every year Stella gives me a beautiful poinsettia and it made me happy to include it.  

So...while I might not love the overall design of the card, when I notice all the little stories behind the big story I have to admit it's still a pretty good card. Sure, there are good parts and not as good parts and things I wish I'd done differently and stories I wished had ended differently, but...that's probably 2020 in a nutshell.

Merry Christmas!


Marcy said...

I LOVE it! I’m a sucker for sentimental. Thanks for sharing and holiday hugs.

Laura L. said...

Perfect. I love all the stories within.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sara, I think it is great!!! Simplicity at its finest! 2020 has been a tough year in so many ways;yet, it has made us all examine our lives and whittle down all the unnecessary things that are just "things." We all held close to us in memory or in present just what joy means to us. And, after all, isn't that what Christmas is all about? Have a Blessed Christmas. May God shine on your New Year. Katherine L.🌲🌲🌲

Jo said...

Absolutely stunningly perfect. I love the stories too. A very blessed Christmas to you all at Punkin's Patch. Jo (South Africa)

Unknown said...

Perfect, as always!

Cheryl West said...

Beautiful! Even more so knowing the characters and their stories.

Merry Christmas and a bright and much improved New Year.

Gloria said...

Perfect especially with the story. Merry. Christmas and a hug for Maisie. Love that she will wear clothes.

ineedorange said...

Love it.

"Sure, there are good parts and not as good parts and things I wish I'd done differently and stories I wished had ended differently, but...that's probably 2020 in a nutshell." Or any year, really, I suppose. Only the balance was probably different this year.... :-)

At the end of last year I got involved with disentangling myself from a long-time volunteer gig. That ended up meaning that I didn't get a some of my holiday letters sent. Today, in the process of looking for last year's unsent letters, I also found 2017's leftover letters. It was fun remembering that we were able to enjoy Hug A Sheep day in 2017. :-)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Poor Betsy didn't make the card...or maybe she is hiding in that tree ready to pounce! I love your is perfect!

Shirley said...

I was wondering about the destroyed plant! Nice to see Possum made the card even though Betsy got a detention. And Peep makes a perfect tree topper!
I miss Hank....

sophy0075 said...

There's quite a bit of 2020 I'd like to paint out. Job losses. A death in the family. Major family friction. 2020 is pounding me into the ground. Your card is a silver lining to one heck of a dark cloud.

Terry and Linda said...

2020 HAS been a terrible year for so many many reasons. I love your card. I always do!
Perfect...really. It says it all!

Karen at longwell said...

A wee card...filled with so many memories, so many stories. And the hope in your card...the hope of life's continuing and familiar faces still shining. I. just. love it! With huge thanks for your bringing us in and sharing so much! Merry Christmas and may 2021 be gentle with us all!


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