Saturday, September 19, 2020

My Pet Sunflower

A month or so ago I was pulling some weeds (well, unwanted weeds that is ;-) from the B Garden and accidentally pulled up a small sunflower.  She came up with very few roots and it was hot as the blazes and I knew if I tried to put her back in the ground she'd never make it.  

I stuck her in a leftover pot of old dirt I had stashed behind the Wool House and tucked her rapidly wilting body into the shade.  She lay collapsed, leaning on the side of my horse trailer for a couple of days, but I kept giving her a drink every time I walked past and she began to slowly perk up.

I staked her up using a dowel rod and some soft yarn and gradually moved her back into the hot sun.  Being a sunflower, she was happy to be back near her friends and she eventually began to grow again and one day I noticed a small bud forming on the top of her head.  

And then she bloomed :-).
Instagram followers may remember this video of the spider spinning the web from the corner of the garage roof down to a zinnias.

The sweet sunflower took over when she got big enough :-).

And look at all the pollen she's made for her bee friends.  They've been having quite a party!  

Her big golden petals are starting to fall off, but she has some new buds coming on so the party will continue a little while longer.  And once her blooms are all dried up, she'll have plenty of seeds to feed the birds this winter...but I'll save back a few to stick in her old pot next spring :-).

*   *   *   *   *

Thank you for all the kind words about Daniel.  I know he was as much a favorite on the blog as he was here on the farm.  I am so sorry.  I hate that most of the blog posts this summer seem to be obituaries.  Hopefully meeting the sunflower will help sway the balance.  

Deb, I have a question about the Ruminex B or D.  Could you please send me an email when you get a minute?


Shirley said...

Sunflowers are so cheerful and inspiring. I think our souls are Son Flowers always searching for the Light.

Michelle said...

We WANT to know; we WANT to support you. Have you ever found out too long after the fact about someone's death, and felt horrible about not having been able to respond in a timely way? Yeah, that. You don't owe us only sunshine and roses . . . but the pet sunflower is definitely a bright spot. :-)

sophy0075 said...

This year, you have had beloved family members die, some of them far too young to have been expected. The loss of a loved family member always hurts, but in these instances, and especially this year, when we are all so isolated and everything is so weird, well, it's especially bad. So here's another virtual hug, and a prayer that God and His servant the little sunflower will give you comfort.

Anchor Cottage said...

You have a special touch!

I need orange said...

Never feel bad about "making us feel bad." Life will bring us sadness. We all know that loving those with shorter lives than ours means a lot of loss mixed into the joy of their company. We know what it means to have a lot of elderly family members. I am here for the whole package. Sending you good vibes.

I love sunflowers, and spiders weaving their webs.

This video may give you new ideas about enrichment for sheeps. ;-)

Goatldi said...

Wonderfilled post. Love the Orb spider. So diligent and lovely. I haven’t had too many Orb spiders in my time but their creativity makes up for the lack of numbers.

knitski said...

Just love the bright faces of a sunflower! When you work with animals just like people there are deaths and that is a part of life! I like knowing and it is a reality check for all of those who may not get how hard farm life is and can be it isn't always easy. I for one love that all these animals have a wonderful life and even their passing's are peaceful.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh I love me a Sunflower! They are so cheerful! Goodness knows we need some cheer in this year. Never feel bad about sharing the happy days and sad days on your blog...we care!

Deb said...

Loved to see your sunflower! I like to grow them and take pictures of them, too.

I sent you an email- really it's a novel! I don't know when to quit sometimes. Hee, hee.


Terry and Linda said...

Yay for you! I have favorite pet plants also.

LannieK said...

Sunflowers make all things happy ~ Thanks for sharing

Mommysewnuts said...

Lovely story. There is a metaphor about life in there somewhere. Laura

Laura L. said...

Oh Sara, life is all about the good and the bad. You are so kind to include us in both. Things like sunflowers, zinnias, tadpoles, knitting, spinning, the greenhouse, sweet Possum, they all balance out the bad things in the end. Actually I think there are more good things overall, you're just having a summer. Please keep posting!


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