Friday, December 20, 2019

Top Nine 2019

It's the time of year to join the "Top Nine"...whatever you call it...thingy...where you "click the button" (my brain is mush) and it searches through your year of Instagram photos and assembles a collage of your nine most popular pictures.  Mine is pretty cute this year :-).  

Two from Wovember, one of silly Mini Moose and the rest from Lamb Camp at Final Frontier and Tring Farms.  I kind of thought Frankie would show up somewhere, but as we all know, it's hard to compete with babies ;-D.

The card is painted and printed and hopefully going in the mail this afternoon.  Whew!  It was a real struggle this year and I'm not really sure why.  Now that's it's done and I'm almost 48 hours away from it, I'm pretty happy with it.  It's cute and sweet and I think everyone will enjoy it.

Here's a funny story...Saint Tim's superpower is making me laugh when there seems to be nothing to laugh at.  After several super late nights struggling (unsuccessfully) to paint the card, I got up (still too tired) the other morning to find Eli's tree ("the stairway to heaven") had fallen down after the latest 3" deluge of rain.

The tree was very old.  There were only a couple branches left on it and they were barely, but bravely hanging on.  Eli used it to climb up to the porch roof (his "office").  I framed pictures of the back of the farm through it's lacy leaves.  Momma birds raised babies in the hollow trunk.  It was a good old friend.  

I stood there staring at it...turned and walked back inside...stopped in the kitchen...didn't pour myself a cup of coffee...finally went to tell Tim...and then the tears spilled.  Tim's not as sentimentally attached to trees as I am, but it was Eli's tree and it was special because of that.  

He listened to the tree story, the unhappiness with the card painting, the "I wish I'd stopped after last year like I'd said I was going to"...and "clicked the button" in his brain and said, "You should just download the Loony Tunes font and plaster "That's All Folks!" across the front...and all I could see was Maisie pasted in where Porky Pig usually is, saying "Th-th-th-that's all folks!" :-D

That's (probably) not all folks, but it was just what I needed.  

Keep laughing!


Michelle said...

Bless Saint Tim – and the printer you sleep with who can turn around your cards so quickly 🤣 – for being your funny rock. I would have cried about the tree, too, even as I struggle not to cry all day long over my declining dog. May your Christmas season from here on out be abundant serenity.

Terry and Linda said...

I've cried over trees also. And to have one attached to one of my fur babies would make me bawl out loud and very long. It is so hard to have our wonderful animal friends pass over...I still mourn Fuzzy and dread the day Boomer leaves me. Sammy Sam and Monkey kitties break my heart to not have them here. But I still have my middle-aged Cat, Mindy. SO I tell myself, to enjoy every second of every day for the moments are special---always.

Hugs to you my Dear and Wonderful Friend!

Shirley said...

St. Tim gets the Best Husband Ever award today.
Love the top 9, so many smiling faces on there!

sophy0075 said...

I had a tropical plant that I acquired during the last weeks of the best job (with the best boss) of my life. It was 1988.

That plant grew. It survived a divorce, a move, another move, a new marriage, another move, and a big (hundreds of miles) move to another state. Several winters it looked like it was going to die, even though brought in when the nighttime temps dipped into the 60s. It came back. It grew.

It survived another move, across town. Several more winters. I started to call the plant "Lazarus."

This fall, it didn't make it. Around Thanksgiving, Lazarus finally quit. My leafy pal of 30-some years simply dropped all of its leaves and died. A connection with so many memories, some happy, some miserable, severed.

I feel for you. I'm glad St Tim could make you smile.

I need orange said...

Laughing is good. I'm sorry for the loss of Eli's tree.

Sending you good vibes. This dark season is hard, I think.


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