Saturday, November 23, 2019

Lamb Camp Legacy

The new yarn just back from Stonehedge Fiber Mill is a blend of some of the nicest fleeces from the Lamb Camp lambs sired by Rocky and Jared when they were over at Tring Farm.  Their "legacy" flock.  I'm trying to design a label/tag for the yarn and have been trying to take a nice picture of the two "boys".

Handsome Jared is always happy to oblige.  He reminds me of an old lion.  Maybe it's his big gray nose and mouth.  Maybe it's his power and demeanor.  I just love this funny old guy. Now, if handsome, but cranky pants, Rocky doesn't straighten up, he might just find himself kicked off the label! 


He's really not that cranky.  I think he just hates to have his picture taken.  I completely understand ;-).


Michelle said...

I understand, too.

sophy0075 said...

So, we need a photo of the Boyz babies' yarn! Is it colored like the daddies/ wool?

knitski said...

Just too cool for words!

Terry and Linda said...

Me too...I try to hide!

LannieK said...

They are the sweetest ~ Rocky just needs a hug. Can't wait to see the Legacy!


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