Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The 2019 Tour de Fleece

Mini Maisie and Big Maisie did a great job cheerleading and occasionally threatening the My Favorite Sheep team this year.  I loved seeing posts from people reporting in to that affect :-D.  A little power in the wrong hands - I made the mistake of letting her come out into the aisleway for a private Cheerio party one night...and have been fighting that battle every night since :-o.

I got my whole 2 1/2 pounds finished.  The last six ounces were a bit of a slog mentally, but it's summer and most everything is a slog mentally right now.  All in all it was a challenging but fun spin.

I liked my 18 two ounce bundles plan.  That was a pretty do-able daily amount of spinning and a couple days I was able to spin two and catch up from days I didn't get as much done as I planned.  The other benefit was I knew when I plied two balls together they would still easily fit on my bobbins.

This has become my basic plan any time I spin a large amount of yarn.  I spin each bundle, trying hard to match the thickness and twist of each to the next to the next...  That never happens.  Even with a measuring card and sampling, I never keep consistent throughout :-/.

In the past I've wound off each ply into a ball and marked the order number.  Theoretically the practice is ply the first with the last, the second to the second from the last...  I can't even get that consistent so I've tried to eyeball it and match it accordingly.  

That plan doesn't work super well for me either because after it's in a ball I can only see the outer wraps of yarn.  What's inside could be totally different.  Yeah...  I got popped by that on a couple of the Muffin skeins and ended up with several skeins that were thicker than the others.  

I over thought that came up with a plan to counteract that...and it worked!  This is my most consistent spinning to date.  

Washed and drying - my favorite part of spinning.

1,850 yard of worsted weight yarn, skeined up and ready to become a sweater.

Exactly what I wanted :-D. 


Michelle said...

A winning effort! And the fact that you will actually turn this INTO (another) beautiful, well-worn sweater is the more amazing part to me....

Karen at longwell said...

Bravo!!!! Absolutely stunning yarn!

JaneJMtl said...

Congratulations on a job well done! The yarn is beautiful.

Linda said...

Nicely done! Beautiful!

knitski said...

Wonderful job, great effort, beautiful yarn and now a sweater down the Iditarod trail for 2020 possibly!

I need orange said...

"exactly what I wanted" -- perfect. :-) Nicely done.

(so frustrated by IG -- can't comment, and it forgets my likes at some point after I leave them.....)

Anonymous said...

BEST job ever!!

sophy0075 said...

So pretty. Looks consistent to me! I love the color. I'm looking forward to seeing what pattern you choose.


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