Friday, May 4, 2018

The View From The Hill

If you follow along on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook you'll know I frequently post a "Good morning!" photo from the back porch or from along the driveway, looking up the hill towards the sunrise.  The other morning I decided to grab a cup of coffee and head up/over there and shoot down the hill.

The early risers joined me.

Biscuit and Muffin, side by side :-).

What is Chocula watching?

The dogs were finishing up their morning patrol out back.

Good morning, June :-).

'Morning, Hank :-).

If you click to biggify, you can see Kate and Comby watching from the porch steps.

Continuing on patrol.  Hank headed back to the barn with the sheep.  

While June parked out in the field to monitor something across the road.

Good morning!

Here's a new puzzle.  Enjoy!


Benita said...

Such peace those photos bring as I sit here in a cubical with no windows.

JaneJMtl said...

You have a very beautiful farm, and it's fun to see it from a different perspective. I have to say I'm envious of all the green grass and the flowering redbud trees. Up here in Montreal the shrubs and trees have just begun to leaf out, due to our late spring. But better late than never!

sophy0075 said...

Muffin almost looks like Biscuit’s shadow.

Between Hank, June, Kate, and Comby, Equinox Farm is well-guarded.

Marilyn F. said...

Awe . . . such a sweet setting and photos. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl West said...

Your farm is so beautiful from any angle and it is lovely to see a different view. What a perfect morning for your photos.

Terry and Linda said...

Beautiful, Sara!

Anonymous said...

lovely shots - to me, nothing says spring in southern ohio or northern ky more than the redbuds. we see them only as deliberately planted ornamentals where i live now in northern ohio, but i can remember seeing wild ones lining the back roads and hills in southern ohio when i lived there 20ish years ago. --suz in NE ohio

Lisa Smith said...

Good day to you! Thanks for pointing out the kitties on the porch; Comby's pop of orange really stands out once you know where to look. �� Thanks for the new puzzle!

Far Side of Fifty said...

You have a beautiful spot to live...good to see June...she is growing:)

ElaineChicago said...

Just love the picture of your Wool House. Such a cozy place to be in. I remember it fondly.

Glenda said...

I'm green (as green as the beautiful pastures that surround your little piece of heaven) with envy. Thanks for allowing me a peek at living a full life surrounded by sheep, dogs, cats, chickens and farmland. Keep it coming!

Ruth said...

What a beautiful morning! I always think your farm is so pretty, and I love your good morning photos. :)


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