Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The 2017 Eclipse Party

There might have been fancier parties in 100% coverage locations, but I'm quite sure no one had as much fun as we did on The Hillside in Winchester, Kentucky.  Dr. Science aka Uncle John built three viewing devices.  Auntie Reg made an awesome tomato pie eclipsed by cheddar cheese. Friends and neighbors came.  We stayed as cool as we could and a good time was had by all.

Getting ready.

It's starting!

20 preferred the long box pinhole camera.

Quite a good view using a simple cardboard box!

The clouds moving across were interesting.

Getting a bigger view.

A fan in the forest!

Such a beautiful area.

Getting there!

Eclipse pie :-D.

This picture cracks me up.  I wonder what 20 was telling them!

The long box, being twice as long as the short box pinhole camera, made the image twice as large, but nowhere near as large as the binoculars set up.

It never got dark, but it did get dim.  I'm not sure what the animals here on the farm did, but the birds there got quiet and the crickets started singing more.  The best part?  It cooled off for a few minutes!

As total as we got.  It was rotating around at this point.  It started as sort of a backward C, then a U and then the moon moved on.  It was great fun!


Michelle said...

Very cool, and I'll bet it didn't make your eyes tired! Even though we used "eclipse glasses," Rick and I both felt eye strain for a day or two.

sophy0075 said...

Michelle, my eyes felt tired too, and we also used approved eyeglasses. I still don't think I'm recovered from being out in the Santee SC heat for 4 and a half hours.

Sara, your photos are great! I'll bet 20 is a great conversationalist.

Michelle said...

Might I say that this looks like the best kind of eclipse party!

Lori Skoog said...

Tell Auntie Reg I want to know more about that potato pie!

Anonymous said...

Oh that looks like a terrific party (even if there was no eclipse, I'll bet it would be great!)! You've got some wonderful pictures.

I would love to know more about that tomato pie eclipsed with cheese, looks yummy.

I would also really love to know more about the binocular set-up - who knows if I'll ever get to use it, but my daughter and/or grandkids might.

We got around 70% here in southern Ontario - the light was very strange, it got quiet outside, but not quite as effective as what you got. Pretty amazing isn't it?

Thanks for the pictures.
Chris S in Canada

LannieK said...

Very cool party with great photos! 20 is really interested in it. It was fun ~ we used the pin hole box, high tech set up here :-) It got to 90% coverage, I took a gazillion pix, it got quiet, still, wierd lighting. Then it was over & the rooster started in.

Kathy said...

Great pics! I too would like to know more about the tomato pie, tis the season for tomatoes. We had about 80% here in Michigan and everything got very quiet with eerie light (like it is before a bad storm) and it dropped 12 degrees - from 93 to 81.

20 looks like he was the life of the party.

MeridianJacobs said...

Very cool! Looks like a great time. I like the cardboard box set-up and the whole picnic area. We were working with sheep and kept darting back outside to share the Eclipse Glasses that one person had. My husband sat under his welding helmet.

Sheepmom said...

Awesome party! Sure wish we lived close enough to have attended! I love 20 - clearly a born entertainer. He could rival The Most Interesting Man in the World. :-D

Terry and Linda said...

That did look like fun!! Loved the photos!

Lisa W said...

Now that's my kind of party! Tomato pie, 20 the storyteller, good friends. Leave out the heat/humidity and it would have been perfect!

Far Side of Fifty said...

cool! 20 looks like he had a blast! :)


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