Friday, September 23, 2016

It Never Gets Old

One of my favorite blogs is The 7MSN Ranch.  I love her photography, her animal family, her frequently funny videos of, say, relocating a rattle snake from her back porch (!).  She (re)posted some gorgeous sunset pictures the other day and a stat of how many sunsets she's watched from there.

As we were coming up on our farm and family anniversary, the fall equinox, the maths were pretty easy to do for here.  I decided I'd copy her idea, go up on Stella's hill, take a sunset picture last night celebrating our 13th anniversary, take off my shoes and socks and count up the days.

Of course that didn't happen, but that's okay.  I'm more likely to take a sunrise picture anyway. Stella gets the great sunsets.  I get the great sunrises.  So, today is the 4,745th (basically) sunrise I've watched from our back porch.  Thankfully with no rattlesnakes ;-).

A happy anniversary!


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Check back later today for a funny Betsy story, an important vote and a giveaway!


YarnKettle said...

Happy anniversary! I'm so happy to share your sunrises. Here's to another 4745 sunrises.

LannieK said...

Happy Anniversay to one and all at Equinox Farm ~ Wishes for many, many more of your gorgeous sunrises! And thanks for sharing :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love 7MSN also, except for the rattlesnake posts. Good Gord, I'd lose my mind if I had to look after that kind of stuff. I'm OK with anything that has legs - otherwise it's a no-go!

You know she's got a long-range plan to move in (I think) about 5 years when she "retires" - you should get your vote in to Carson to come east.

Chris S in Canada

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary, Sara! I'd love to know some of the backstory, how you came to Equinox Farm and from where. Thanks for the puzzle; I love 'em!

DianeOart said...

Happy Anniversary :D

Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Anniversary!

MarmePurl said...

Happy Anniversaries!
We too, never tire of your sunrises.

thecrazysheeplady said...


thecrazysheeplady said...

Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Yup, unless she was "funnin' us on", there was a post a while ago about it. You could probably find it with a search on her website.


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