Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Yarn Along - The 2016 Kentucky Sheep And Fiber Festival

20 had to wear his rain gear on Saturday, but was able to ditch the rain coat on Sunday and just wear his mud boots.  With the sides zipped down on our booth we were out of the weather and warm and dry, but welcomed the sun on Sunday just the same.

I'm not exactly sure why I picked Petunia for the festival this year.  She's getting some years on her and I worry about stress on all my sheep, but especially the very young or the not so young.  Well, thank goodness for Petunia!

Hershey (hugger extraordinaire), Spud (sweet as they come) and Woody (I'm sure everyone is going to give me a cookie) were apparently having flashbacks to last year's deluge of rain (or something) and decided they wanted No Part of hugging sheep Saturday.

Petunia finally gave a big sigh and stepped up to the front of the pen.  "I'll handle this, boys."  She talked to everyone, especially little kids and even baa'ed back at a little boy who baa'ed at her.  It was very clear that she understood there was a job to be done...and did it.

When Elizabeth got too old to stay with the main flock several years ago, everyone wondered who'd take over as the lead ewe.  I was surprised when Petunia stepped up.  There were definitely bigger/stronger personalities in the group, but a calm, clear thinker is always the best choice.  Long live the queen!

The booth.  For some reason it never goes together the same way twice.  This year's set up was especially disorganized, but it came together in the end.  As always, a huge thanks to everyone who works so hard to make everything look so good.

New Lamb Camp cards.

A new design.  I'll post some better pictures later this week.  

A couple of Reg's project bags.  Better pictures coming as there are neat details to share.

The new design on a handy tote.

And a new Mug Shot Mug.

I won Reserve Champion with my Renny yarn :-D.  Can't wait to start knitting!

"I was good on Sunday.  I swear."

Yes, you were, Woody.  Everyone had a much happier second day and I appreciate your hard work teaching folks about sheep and different wools and how to best eat cookies and crackers ;-).

There was more to enjoy in the livestock tent.  Bullwinkle might not have been the cutest lamb there :-o  Or was he?  There'll be a Cutest Lamb contest (with prizes :-D) tomorrow!

*     *     *     *    *

While I've handled a lot of yarn lately, I haven't knit anything in forever.  Now that lambing season and intensive bottle lamb season and wool festival season is winding down, I'm chomping at the bit to get started on a couple new projects.  So much fun stuff to do and so little time...

Bullwinkle and I listened to a good book while we were preparing for the festival - the new release from Fredrik Backmann, Britt-Marie Was Here.  I wish he could write a new book every week!

Joining in with Ginny and looking forward to being back next week with some actual knitting to share!


Benita Story said...

Oh, congratulations on the Reserve Champion award!!! And I did not know you had a new mug design. I need three of them, please. ;)

And getting Hershey's fleece was the icing on the (soggy) cake from this weekend. Lordy, it is going to clean up beautifully. I am hoping to get to spend at least a day and a half skirting and cleaning fleeces this weekend. I'll let you know how the Power Scour works for me.

Lori Skoog said...

As usual, you did a great job with your booth. Love Reg's bags and the clever design you created on your tote. Yay for the Renny yarn! We are in for 6 very hot days in the 80s heading for 90. Same at your place?

YarnKettle said...

Long Live The Queen! Don't tell any of your kids but Petunia always floats to the top of my favorite sheep.
Congrats on the Reserve Champion award!!! I hope you enjoy the knitting too.
My mug shot mug makes me smile every time I use it, maybe it needs a co-conspirator mug.

Michelle said...

You are a marketing genius, my dear. I hope you made enough money to keep the sheep in cookies and haircuts for another year. WooHoo on Renny's yarn!!!

Susan M said...

I'd love to order a sheep bag if you have any left!

sophy0075 said...

What a splendid report, photos, and sheep (yay Queen Petunia! Yay Woody! Yay Bullwinkle, He Who Did Not Pee at the Station!)

I love your new sheep design. Are any Auntie Reg bags left? The sheep knotting fabric is one of my favorites, and buttoned pockets are handy. Oh, and you are featuing Amelia and Hank on the latest Mug mug. Very cool. But coolest - your Reserve Win! Congratulations! What will you knit?

thecrazysheeplady said...

Yes. 'Nuff said. Well, I could say more...but this is a family friendly blog ;-).

Terry and Linda said...

You booth is just so wonderful! I'm so happy with your Win! Congratulations!!!


Shirley said...

Well done! The booth looks great and I love the new card design. Lots of names on there!

Susan said...

oh oh oh.......yippee on the Reserve Win. Looks fabulous from here:) I too want/need a tote bag,
P L E A S E begging/whining Booth looks great!!! You are the ONE :) Now, can I have a bag?

Lisa W said...

I love 20s yellow rainboots - and the new EF/PP goods!

MarmePurl said...

Petunia is a perfect queen. I might need something with that new design. But of course I will have to add a few names ;)

Sheepmom said...

The booth is perfect! Everything is so attractive. 20 is always a hoot! And congrats on the Res. Ch. placing! Yay for Renny! Hope you had a great weekend.

LannieK said...

Congrats on Reserve Champion! And on a BEAUTIFUL booth!
I love your all your new stuff :-)
Bet You, 20, Petunia, et al... are exhausted!

karen said...

oh I wish I was there!!! looks like fun and what a spectacular booth!

thecrazysheeplady said...

You can keep going around a new circle :-D.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Congrats on your Reserve Championship yarn!! Way to go! What a gal Petunia is...sounds like she has it all under control! :)

Alice said...

The booth looks terrific!!! I liked the new merchandise as well!!! I need to come visit to see it all in person!!!
You are amazing to tackle so many tasks at once!! Petunia learned her git er done skills from you!!!
Congratulations on the prize for Renny! Ever a winner in so many ways!

Lisa Smith said...

Your new design is wonderful! And your booth looks great, as always! One of these years I hope I'll be able to travel to Kentucky & see you all in person. In the meantime, thank you for your entertaining blog posts and photos.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Hmm, I have been out of touch with blogger lately, love the new mug shot mug, send me one if you have one left. Got to have one with Hank on it.


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