Monday, February 8, 2016

Liddy And Andy

As everyone could probably guess, Liddy has always enjoyed "special privileges".  She is allowed to come out into the barn aisle to eat her food by herself, she can go into the hay stall and eat hay while I'm doing the rest of the feeding chores, she can go out into the yard and eat grass while I'm around to supervise.

When Andy moved in, he fell right into the special privileges club.  I hoped he and Liddy would buddy up and enjoy being teenagers together and they did.  Where Andy had no interest in hanging out with the other lambs at Frontier Farm, he adores Liddy having special privileges and Liddy is happy to have a kid brother someone her own size to play with...besides Maisie ;-).

This morning I let them both "escape" to graze in front of the Wool House while I raked up in front of the horse stalls.  The sun came out for a few glorious minutes and I ran to the house to grab my camera.  Of course the sun didn't hold, but the pictures are still pretty sweet.

I also took a couple short videos, but after they'd split up some.  Still, Graham's bell is pretty and the spring birds are already moving in and singing.  I was having trouble focusing and holding steady, so these aren't great, but all in all, not a bad way to start the week.


Gloria said...

you are correct - Graham's bell is pretty and it looks like it is beginning
to be like spring. I've noticed spring-like bird sounds here as well and we
are still definitely in winter though it is supposed to be in the 50s and 60s
the end of the week. Just in time for the ice sculpting big event. It's great.
People will come out if it's warm for fireworks and music and who cares if
the ice melts. :)

Shirley said...

You have such a pretty farm! I love the sound of that bell, very tinkly.

Reg Campbell said...

From my iPhone screen or maybe it is my imagination, Andy is beginning to look like Graham. Hope that Andy realizes that he is privileged to wear Gram's bell and not for bad behavior. very sweet video.

Michelle said...

That bell is so sweet :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Wonderful pictures and I love hearing the bell. Your farm is gorgeous and so peaceful.

Alice said...

Hearing the bell sadly reminded me of Graham. Love capture of these two sheep buddies. I'm sure Graham would approve.

Cheryl West said...

It is a lovely scene with Andy and Liddy grazing and very comforting listening to the tinkling of the bell.

sophy0075 said...

Lovely ohotos and video. What a wonderful way to remember Graham.

Enjoy the hint of spring!

Susan said...

Nice that Andy accepted the bell and didn't go ballistic trying to rub it off like a 'mad' cat :) When I first put a bell on Teagan (Ir Wolfhound) she backed herself into a corner trying to get rid of it!
Once she realized it meant going OUT for walkies she was all for it.

Patti said...

Calming way to start the day. Herding them back to the barn, bet that is worth watching!

fjord girl said...

Love the sound of the birds and the tinkling bell - so charming. I see that spring has arrived in your neck of the woods:)

Lisa @ things here lately... said...

Oh, I love your farm. I wish I come visit you and the sheepies! I was thinking about you and Liddy the other day when a friend of mine shared a video on FB. Would you say that this has been your experience? I would love to know your thoughts on it!
Love to you and yours! :)


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