Saturday, July 5, 2014

The 2014 Tour de Fleece

It's time for the Tour de Fleece!  Some information from the TdF page on Ravelry...

This year, the Tour de Fleece starts on Saturday July 5 and runs until Sunday July 27th, 2014.
Guidelines (NOT RULES):

  • Spin every day the Tour rides, if possible. Saturday July 5 through Sunday July 27th. Days of rest: Tuesday, July 15th and Monday July 21st. (Just like the actual tour.)
  • Spin something challenging on the challenge day (usually the toughest high mountain stage: this year, it’s Stage 14, on Saturday, July 19th, when they climb over 3,000m at grades from 4-6%).
  • Wear yellow on Sunday July 27th to announce victory. Why not wear yellow on any day you feel particularly successful? (Yellow is the color of the race leader in the Tour - but here we are all ‘race leaders’) Other colors if desired: Green (sprinter - think FAST), Polka-dot (climber - as in uphill), and white (rookie).

The Captain for this year's Team My Favorite Sheep is Mia :-).  Our group is very laid back, very encouraging and not competitive.  Please feel free to join in even if all you'd like to do is cheer the spinners on.  Everyone welcome!

My  2014 "bicycle" basket - some treasures in a stash of old roving bundles. I also am hoping to spin some Miss Ewenice, but the way my days are going right now...  Sigh.

I think there are 20 mixed ounces of Peabody, Jester, Beanie Baby, Popcorn PeePee Pants and Henrietta.  I was happy to find the Peabody and PPPP because most of their wool has been sold over the years.  Mine, mine all mine :-).

It's important to have your porch cats at the ready.

Including Claire Bear.  What?  If CB is joining the team, it's looking like it's going to be an odd race for sure!

Note the tipped over bucket, potting soil, fern tears strewn about...  I woke this morning to sheep bells.  Outside the bedroom window.  There should not be sheep bells outside the bedroom window.  GRAHAM LAMB!!!

Add install flower protecting gate to Wool House porch to the TdF list.  While keeping the barn gate shut seems like a more logical solution, it's apparently not in my skill set >:-o. 


Sandra Morris said...

I am in!
Can we use the button on our Sidebar (blog)??

Wol 'n Draad said...

Good luck this year! I just feel it is going to be a good one! :-)
Love, Ineke

thecrazysheeplady said...

Absolutely! If the white text doesn't show up enough, grab the brown text version off Ravelry :-).

Sheepmom said...

I love that Mia is team captain! And how smart to have a lilac Jacob smelling lilacs ;-) I'll be cheering everyone from the sidelines. I'll be the one shaking the sheep bell!

Tombstone Livestock said...

Think I will just cheer you all on from the sideline this year too many other issues right now to commit to daily activity. Can't wait to see all you accomplish...

Far Side of Fifty said...

As I dusted my Spinning Wheel yesterday I thought of you. That is all mine ever produces is dust. Have fun on the Tour:)

Lindsay Hermanson said...

I'm joining in but only have 12oz to spin but as a newbie it's probably more than I can spin right now. I like to take my time so its a useable yarn when I'm done, lol.

Alice said...

As always, I'm joining but this time should finish!

Lisa W said...

I'm in. Spinning Jacob is just such a treat!

Susan Mckee-Nugent said...

Hmmm, maybe this is just the kick in the pants to get me to wash my corriedale/lincoln and get ON with it! Gloria is a golden colour so we'll see what happens when she is washed :)


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