Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yarn Along - A Silver Medal Finish

Technically I did knit a Rebecca Boone "vest".  I just ended up making a miniature one so I could figure out all sorts of stuff that I didn't even know I needed to figure out until they happened.  If you realize something isn't going to work and needs to be ripped back and re-knit, it doesn't hurt as much if you are only talking about 70 stitches rather than rows and rows of 200 ;-).  

Designing patterns is hard work.  When you see that small charge next to a pattern download, pay it happily (and fairly).   Someone has put a ton of work into those three or four sheets of paper you are getting ready to print out.  And if you are thinking about giving it a try yourself, do it!  You'll learn a whole lot and make a cute little sheepy or teddy bear really happy :-D.

"I can't believe someone knit me a handspun sweater!"

And now on to my favorite part - blocking.  See how wonky everything is?

I start with a good soak in some warm water with a little Mrs. Meyer's lavender laundry soap.  I didn't use quite as hot water as I usually do because I was nervous about the Cotswold yarn being more shrinky than a more medium wool.  Not sure if it is, just a fear.  I should do a test of some different swatches sometime and find out.

Pinned out to dry.

Tadaa :-)

A close up of the collar.  I was wanting to do a lock spun yarn from Rebecca Boone's lamb fleece that I still have stashed.  It's so pretty and lots of different colors and darker grays.  It didn't look quite right though with the lighter gray sweater, so I pulled down some of Graham's lamb fleece. 

I'd originally planned to tail spin it around a core the proper way, and I did, but I didn't like the yarn.  I've not found a core spun yarn yet that I really like.  Oh, they're pretty to look at, but I just don't like the feel of it knitted.  Maybe I'll try weaving it sometime.  In the meantime, I just fluffed up his baby locks and spun two small singles and then plied them together.  Worked fine, looked good and knit up just the way I wanted :-).

Here's a better view of the the lace pattern and the attached i-cord edging on the front panels.  The pattern worked out well and was easy to maneuver around because it had so much stockinette stitch involved, but when I do a full size sweater, I'll mirror the patterns on the fronts so they, well, mirror each other.  Lots to learn :-).

Joining in with Ginny's Yarn Along
Burrnie Update - and his name is going to stay Burrnie.  It just fits him.  He's doing really well, is really sweet, super smart, working hard to fit in and we're glad he's here :-).
I started having some trouble yesterday with Daniel Not-Boone (who's maybe actually more Bossy Boone than we'd have thought ;-).  Poor Daniel.  Chocula doesn't like being separated from the rest of his friends.  "I didn't doooo anything.  Why do I have to be in priiiison over here?..."  If Chocula's upset, his big brother Daniel is upset.  Burrnie was completely behaving himself, but was still getting some retaliatory punches and it looked like it wasn't going to stop.  No one should have to feel scared, especially at night.  I kicked Daniel out of the group :-/.

I went back up before bed last night to check on everyone and all was quiet.  This morning I found three sleeping spots outside, near the back corner of the barn. I'm guessing that's Chocula and Hershey together on the right and Burrnie on the left.  Daniel had a matching spot just over the fence corner a few feet away.  While I was sad they'd all slept out on the cold ground, at least they'd all slept together.


amyfibre said...

It's really just like introducing the two new kittens to our two older cats last December. Everyone has to work it out...with some intervention by the two-legged to prevent real injury.

Hugs and virtual cookies to everyone!

Andee said...

The vest is adorable. I love the sheep snow spots!

DianeOart said...

The "mini" vest is just soooo cute!

Stacey said...

Oh my goodness! I love the little vest. Cute as can be! And those little awkward sheep family situations...sigh...what can you do? They'll figure it out. I'm glad Burrnie is working out well! He's so sweet!

Willow said...

Now I just totally loved this ~ that's it I know I am totally bonkers for sheep , lambs even the stuffed animal kind tickle me pink. LOve the sweater too !!

Lori Skoog said...

The sweater looks great after blocking it. Another beautiful job Sara. Glad to hear things are going well with the sheep.

ineedorange said...

Sending "let's all get along" vibes to the boys. :-)

Love the jacket! Love the curly collar! Nice work, as always. :-)

I did do a series of tests about felting, once upon a time. I used Corriedale. I knit a bunch of same-size squares, and tortured them in various ways.

One of my squares went back and forth between boiling water and ice water every so many seconds for some number of minutes. Lots and lots of switches back and forth from boiling to freezing to boiling to freezing.

That square did not shrink AT ALL. It was REALLLLLY clean, though. :-) It was the only square that ended up whiter than it began. :-)

I did not tests lots of different kinds of wool.

The Corriedale did not felt unless it was agitated. Repeated radical temperature changes did not result in felting in my test.

In my dino class, we were taught that scientists are very reluctant to say "So we know this is true." They are much more likely to say "We do not reject the hypothesis that this is true."

I do not reject the hypothesis that temperature change does not cause felting.

:-) :-) :-)

For what it's worth. :-)

Frozen Feather Storm said...

Fantastic post! The little sweater is beautiful and looks so very very soft. This is the first time I have been to your blog, and now I have to look around!

Deb W said...

Does this little stuffed sheepy have a name? Now that she (she just looks like a she - especially with her little white Peter pan collar on her sweater) has a sweater, like another ginormous sheep I know (cough....20...cough) maybe she could be his sidekick, his little buddy. But she'll need a name.....

Far Side of Fifty said...

That is the prettiest looking sweater! So Burrnie it is...hope all settles down soon:)

Unknown said...

This is one cute sweater! I first thought, looking at it being blocked, that those tiny pearls were actually sewn into the sweater and my first thought was "oh how festive the sweater looks":-)!

karen said...

Love the soaking process for a wee sweater :) lovely design :)

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

So fun! Love the sheepie sweater.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

May I interest you in knitting a full sized sweater in March?

There will be a prize for the first person to finish. :)

Susan said...

You are good! I hate to reinvent the 'wheel' or sweater pattern, just DO it for me please :) Sweet sweater, very delicate for a little one.
That is wicked sweet of Burrnie being close to his new buds.....

Anonymous said...

Most precious little sheepy sweater. Ever. *hugs* :)


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