Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2012 Tour de Fleece Wrap Up

It wasn't a momentous Tour, but as always, good fun and educational.  I completed Reg's yarn.  For now.  The yardage wasn't as high as I think it should be to err on the side of too much rather than too little, but that's pretty easily fixed.

I had hoped to plow through a big chunk of the black, but after spinning a sample, weaving a sample, spinning a couple different samples, weaving a second sample and still not sure what I like best, I didn't "spin on with confidence" as I probably should have.  There's really no bad handspun yarn.

I got quite a bit of Buddy combed, but only a little spun.  I think that yardage was just over 100 yards.  

Keeb's walnut dyed yarn on the spindle was awful.  Not sure why and really in the spirit of the Tour, I should have worked on that issue, but since I don't have very much of that dyed fiber, I decided to wheel spin it so as not to ruin it.  So, okay, there is some bad handspun ;-).

Blossom got sampled twice and while I love the yarn, I'm not sure it's sock worthy yet.  I'd hate to slog through a pair of socks (my least favorite knitting project for some reason) and then have them wear out after a couple wears.  Luckily there's plenty to practice with :-D.

Blossom on the wheel.

Buddy, off the side of the wheel.

Buddy, being wound on my new awesome skein winder.  More about that later.

Two small woven samples for the black throw.  Hard to see the difference, but there is a little maybe if you biggify it.  The one on the left is plain weave (basic over one, under one) and the one on the right is a straight twill (like your blue jeans).  More on that later as well.

Blossom.  Her yarn is just like her, sweet, cute and smooshy :-).

And Buddy, resting on Renny's yarn.  I think this yarn is really, really pretty and I can't wait to spin the rest of it, both Buddy and Renny :-).

Okay, gotta run.  Today is cool - upper 70s - so it's 'tuterin day for the black lamb.  Who still has no official name.  But does get to stay here :-D.  Saint Tim called the bitey brown lamb Count Chocula the other night and that's a winner ;-).


Lady Locust said...

Buddy's yarn is dreamy! Your spinning is just beautiful. I am just learning so you can name me lumpy/overspun:) I love the color of Renny's. It reminds me of a snugly
scarf or mittens. Look forward to seeing you yarn winder & the weaves.
Lady Locust

Rae said...

It all looks fabulous to me. Buddy's looks really beautiful. I wish I was as talented as you.

Tombstone Livestock said...

TdF was a fun trip.

Does Marceau get to keep his name???

Michelle said...

Buddy's and Blossom's yarns look PERFECT. Keeb's looks like homespun. ;-)

Love the bitey lamb's name. Black lamb is "lucky". ;-)

Sheepmom said...

That Buddy has spun up into some mighty fine yarn. Wow, you could do a wedding ring shawl with that. GOod job on the TdF. After all, just crossing the finish line is a 'win'. Can't wait to see what the yarns you sampled will become.

Alice said...

LOVE Count Chocula!! Tim is so clever when it comes to names !!!

Wol 'n Draad said...

I love your spinning! Can't wait to see what you will make with this lovely yarn!
Love, Ineke

Unknown said...

I love, love, love each one of the yarns -- Blossom's, Buddy's, and Renny's! My favorite yarn colors -- white/cream and brown. Not to mention the texture! Very, very nice.

As far as the nameless black lamb about going international and naming him "Nuvola Nera" (Italian for the "Black Cloud" :-)!!

Unknown said...

Or naming him Henry?! I promise, this is my last suggestion:-)!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Keep the names coming! Something will stick. Henry was Keebler's dad. Like the black cloud idea.

Marceau... Hard to really pick a name for him as he hasn't shown his full personality yet.

Michelle said...

You've said the black lamb is very friendly, right? And he's black, like a shadow. "I'm being followed by a moon shadow; Moon Shadow, Moon Shadow!"


Anonymous said...

The Buddy yarn is absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you turn it into.

I understand not wanting to put a lot of work into making a pair of socks that don't last. Against my better instincts, I knit myself a pair out of some millspun from one of my girls. I knew it wouldn't hold up, and I was right. Oh well, she's out there making more fleece now, and socks are my mindless knitting. If I'd quit giving them to family & friends I'd have tons of them!

Alice said...

Those yarns are just begging to be petted by me :-)
Lovely, lovely spinning, Sara

Far Side of Fifty said...

The yarn looks beautiful to me! Count Chocula love it! :)

Unknown said...

all the yarns are lovely, even keebler! use him as a stripe somewhere to add interest. buddy is stunning, combed right? squoshey blossom and renny nice. good job.

Jane B. said...

"Count Chocula" is a great name!!


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