Saturday, August 4, 2012

One Of These Sheep... not like the others.

"Hey, it's a free country."

I peek in on the sheep periodically through the day. When I saw Chicken No parked next to PPPP, I snapped a couple quick shots.

I've learned to go ahead and take the quick shots and hope for the best sometimes because frequently you only get those couple clicks. I hate missing cute captures because I'm fiddling around trying to set up the "perfect shot". A bad shot with stall slats showing is better than no shot at all. Heidi walked in moments later and sent Chicken No packing.

The big boy. My big baby. Ewen McTeagle.


Tombstone Livestock said...

Looks like the lazy days of summer, great pictures.

Mary said...

Fabulous photos. Nothing 'bad' about them at all. And you'd have regretted it if you'd missed taking them. As always.. i'm in love with your animals. They have my heart forever. :)

Alice said...

I love your Kodak captures. A pic in time saves nine ( or something like that) ;-)

Terry said...

Is that handsome Jester in the middle?

thecrazysheeplady said...

It sure is :-).

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Sheep have ginormous butts. :D
Good for snuzzling!

Have a wonderful week!


The Goat Borrower

Leanne Coppola said...

I love your blog. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos! And I love the names of your critters.


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