Saturday, May 12, 2012

Good Morning!

It was chilly crawling out of bed at 5:30 to give Blossom her early morning ba-ba. She'll sleep later than that, but I usually wake up (unfortunately) and figure I'll get up, give her a ba-ba and crawl back under the warm covers for a bit.

She tootled around the kitchen some and then asked to go out on the porch. Weaslie said she'd go with her so I opened the door and walked over to shut the porch gate. Wow.

Gorgeous sunrise! Although, red skies in morning... That's okay. I'll enjoy this while it lasts and hope it's a faulty forecast.

It was actually light enough that I could see the horses grazing in the front field, but when I exposed for them, I lost the sky and actually the sky was much more fiery than I was able to capture, no matter what I tried. Will need to study up on that.

Here you can see a tiny hint of a horse or two, but what I really like is the solar lantern (from the winter mailbox decorations) is still shining bright, greeting the dawn.

I have a new found fun blog to recommend, thekitchensgarden. Celi writes wonderful stories and takes beautiful pictures of her "farmy" world. At the end of each post she signs off with "Good morning." and adds a short tag of what the day might entail. What a nice way to start the day.

Good morning!* It's a beautiful, cool morning and I am looking forward to taking a fun riding lesson, teaching a fun weaving lesson (great trade!) and hopefully taking a nap in the sun with getting bigger every day Blossom. 20's home and he's looking forward to some riding as well :-).


*Don't get too excited. There's no chance I'm going to take up Celi's consistent predawn blogging ritual. It is nice to watch the sun come up sometimes...but not every day ;-).


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! I am an early bird and love the sunrises though I can never quite capture the beauty with my camera -- but I try.
Happy to hear that 20 came home! Give 20, Blossom, Renny, and the new guy a hug from MN.

Good Morning! Today I am a homebody -- doing a little of this and that -- cleaning, stitching, organizing, and resting as needed (Dr. orders).

Jean -- MN

thecrazysheeplady said...

Good morning, Jean :-D What a nice way to start the comments.

It would be fun if everyone joined in!

cecilia g said...

well you know what i am doing! WEEDING and FEEDING! and rescuing a pea hen who got herself on the wrong side of the rathouse while the peacock was showing off to the chickens!! Gorgeous sunrise and the horses look fantastic in the early light down there.. good morning c

Tombstone Livestock said...

Red Sky in the morning, sailors take warning .... but hey your on solid ground so enjoy your day. I will be spending my day catching up on watering, lost pressure tank on Monday, new tank installed on Wednesday. I had filled every container, watering can, bucket, etc with water during shutdown, so now need to empty all containers before mosquitos move in. Have a great morning.

Alice said...

What a wonderful capture of a new day. Hope it delivers all it promises for you!

Oak Creek Ranch said...

What a beautiful sky! And thanks for the blog recommendation -- its always great to find another wonderful blog.

Ed said...

Sunrises or Sunsets are a pain in the butt when it comes to getting equal exposures for ground and sky, you need a split ND filter. Its a square filter that is dark at the top and clear as you get to the bottom, I forget the propper name for it. I don't use mine much because it takes a special filter holder and is a pain in the butt to set up..:-)

Gayle said...

Beautiful sunrise, but I doubt I'd be seeing it...ever...especially in the summer when we are lazy bones. I wonder how many cool things I've slept through?


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