Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lamb Sitting

I spent most of the day over at Kathy's again. Several of Blossom's aunties (and uncles) were there so I took advantage of being able to take lamb pictures most of the day. Of course many of the pictures were of darling Baba ;-).

"Yep, it's a whole post of just me and my babysitters today."

There's nothing better than taking a nap (or a lot of naps ;-) on a rainy afternoon.

Uncle 20 :-D

And 29!

Rubber band lamb.

I love this picture.

Good ole Opal (Was she a bottle baby, Pam?) kindly letting Blossom visit her out in the field.

A nice day.


Tombstone Livestock said...

Love those first 2 pictures, but they are a great shots.

janna e said...

I love how Blossom seems to smile in her sleep. Happy little girl!

Suzan said...

The babies must hate growing up!! So adorable - so precious!!

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness. Can I come and babysit?

Dreaming said...

I am smitten...lamby love!
#20 is surely only whisper sweet nothings... he's not about to take a nibble, is he?

Alice said...

Snorgling baby sheep....what a great job!

small farm girl said...

Your killing me!

Lori Skoog said...

It would be all over for me, if I held one of those lambs! More gorgeous shots.

Terry said...

Oh my goodness, so so sweet!

Francoise said...

Oh my gosh Baba is too cute!


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