Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Tour de Fleece

The Tour doesn't actually start until July 2nd (just like the Tour de France), but everyone's getting SO geared up getting their teams (you can be on more than one) and challenges set (small or large) that it's just like the countdown to Christmas.

Team My Favorite Sheep had great fun last year and we all made some new friends, learned some new things, were inspired by everyone's spinning and I know that I especially appreciated the kick in the pants to get a big chunk of spinning (Jester's yarn...yeah, yeah, the Fair Isle sweater's not finished yet...) completed.

So come join the fun! You don't have to be an experienced spinner - your challenge could be to learn how to spin! You don't have to choose a huge, unattainable project like spinning 3 pounds of lace weight yarn, but it should be a true challenge for you, whatever that may be.

There are tons of fun sounding teams out there. I've joined Team Footloose, Team Ky Sheep and Fiber Festival, Team Jacob, and (obviously) Team Hopelessly Over Committed.

1. You'll need to join Ravelry (great fun on so many levels) if you haven't already.

2. Then go to the main Tour de Fleece group and "join". You probably don't have to join that group, but they have great giveaways pretty much every day ;-).

3. Scroll down to the "Teams" thread and click on that to see all the teams (so far). You can join any that sound fun or inspiring.

4. To join a group, click "Reply to thread" and leave a message saying something like "Hey, I'm in! I'm going to be spinning...." or do like me and say "I'm in, but haven't figured out what I'm doing yet."

Here's a link to Team My Favorite Sheep. Feel free to steal the above picture and make a button for your blog or website, linking it to the team page.

Keep us posted on your progress - everyone loves to see pictures :-). At the end of the Tour, let me know if you completed your goal and I'll draw for some Miss Ewenice prizes.

The grand prize will be some Miss Ewenice roving and a print of one of my all-time favorite pictures of her. If this isn't your favorite picture, I could be talked into a print of anything from the blog...but you'd run the risk of hurting Miss Ewenice's feelings ;-).

If I've gotten any of these directions/instructions wrong or confusing, jump in and set me straight. It's late and I'm beat and I'm sure I'm either not making sense or forgetting something.

Night all!

Oops - already been reminded about the Silly Sheep Song. If you are spinning something besides wool, you are going to have to sing Sheep by Zoe Lewis.


Ed said...

Gerring ready to spin some yarns? Have fun..:-)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Enjoy!!! I'll be one of those looking forward to seeing the pictures!!

Alice said...

The "My Favorite Sheep" logo for the Tour de Fleece makes an adorable decoration on a T-shirt. I have mine from last year and will don it again for inspiration and motivation :-)

Michelle said...

Okay; I feel a bit better because you are on FIVE teams and I'm only on FOUR. ;-)

Good thing I'm on a spindling team, as a trip to KS for a funeral looks sadly near....

Sheepmom said...

So if you're on mulitple teams are you doing multiple projects???

Not sure I can commit to anything extra right now, but will ponder it a bit.

Can't wait to see what you do and gain inspiration from that.

Michelle said...

Sheepmom, you CAN achieve one goal with two teams; for instance, I'm going to spin my "favorite sheep" fiber and possibly my Corgi Hill Farms fiber on my miniSpinner, thus killing three birds (or teams) at once.

Christine said...

Bah, ha, ha. Nice song. Only you...

Is just spinning each and every day a worthy enough goal? That really would be a challenge for me.

thecrazysheeplady said...

If anyone would like a t-shirt transfer, shoot me an email.

Sorry to hear a sad reason to pull out your beautiful spindles Michelle.

I still haven't nailed down my challenge(s) yet, but I'll make sure there's something to fit each team :-).

Christine - that's a huge challenge to me. That's what I did last year and I did manage to pull it off and was really pleased. Remember there are two built in rest days - just like on the Tour de France. The main group guidelines tell about that. I utilized them last year.


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