Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Because I Didn't Feel Safe In My Own Home

It started innocently enough. It was 85 degrees. While we are happy to be able to accommodate those hard working cats, we hate the lovely plastic wall and the enormous dog and cat condo that sits on the porch all winter. It was time to evict everyone.

This is Eli. You have to look closely. He's in his "office" on the porch roof...watching the repo man haul his house away.

Not an easy job. The least favorite job of the fall (bringing it down from the barn) and spring (taking it back). It's heavy and awkward.

Here was Eli yesterday morning. It went down hill from there. It started raining and got really windy. And the temps started falling. Saint Tim checked the 10 day forecast which was now calling for cold and wet for several days. Even down to 38 one night. The cats would never had made it.

In their last ffffffrrrreeeeezzzzzziiiinnnnggg breaths, they'd have cursed us. Heck, I wouldn't put an actual curse past them. The dirty looks were brutal. Comby's cries annoying heartbreaking.

Saint Tim brought the condo back last night. In the cold rain.

Eli took one look at it...turned his ears back and walked away. Not really a surprise. We won't get into all his "issues".

He stayed away until sometime late in the night (I'm sure thinking we'd finally learned some sort of lesson ;-), but has been parked on his heated bed all morning.

But still crabby about the lovely plastic being down I'm sure.


Alice said...

Cats rule. They showed you who owns that castle!!! God bless Saint Tim.... in the rain no less!!

Mimi Foxmorton said...

I find if you just let them have your bed there's less work to do. ;)


DayPhoto said...

What a lovely chuckle for the day! Great post! Thank you!


Sarah said...

cute post! Your cats are spoiled!

Michelle said...

Yes, cute post -- but Mimi's comment made me laugh out loud. :-)

Terry said...

Saint Tim really is a saint.
The critters rule our lives too.

Dreaming said...

What a Saint! But, I do think Mimi's suggestion might be an easier approach!

~Tonia~ said...

Amazing the attitudes that animals can have. LOL So nice of you to bring back their warm dry home. This weather has been completely crazy.

Christine said...

Yeah, we just enclosed the back porch and bought them some easy chairs and a heater.

No joke.

They're not spoiled at all around here.

Tammy said...

Oh wow, this one made me laugh! You can just see the attitude on the kitty. You guys are great!

flowerweaver said...

Poor Tim having to haul it twice. Cats do not like change of any kind. The fact you inconvenienced them you will probably be ignored for weeks now. Look for acts of retribution!

Ed said...

HAHA! Eli rules the roost..:-)

Shirley said...

You know, you're nothing until you've been ignored by a cat.


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