Tuesday, October 26, 2010

And The Candidates Are...

Actually, I'm pretty sick of all the candidates on tv right now. Dolores might not be running for anything this time, but I'm still voting Fibertarian!

Without further ado, for your consideration I present:

The front runner, Keebler.

Pros - cute, cool hair, not too greasy
Cons - a little, um, needy.

His running mate, B. Willard.

Pros - pretty darn cute, still small enough that a strong shepherd could pick him up
Cons - he's just big enough that you'll quickly regret trying to pick him up

Petunia. How could I have left her off the poll?

Pros - she's always smiling and she LOVES to have her chubby cheeks scratched
Cons - she's never forgiven me for giving her her lamb booster shot in her behind three years ago and no longer wants to be grabbed and squeezed.

Miss Ewenice. I purposely left her off the poll list because I thought she'd gotten enough extra attention representing for the Tour de Fleece and needed to give someone else a shot. However, in retrospect, no one gets more attention around here than the Keebster, so my logic is apparently a bit fuzzy. Sorry Ewenice.

Pros - if you look closely, you can see she likes to GIVE hugs as much as receive them. Every morning she comes up and leans on my leg to give me a hug. Sheep hugs are the best!
Cons - I don't believe she has any. Well, maybe don't let her step on you. She's a big girl.

Boudreaux and Ewen McTeagle - I didn't get a good picture of either this morning.

Pros - both are tall sheep, so easy reach for sheep hugging.

Cons - Boudreaux really wants all the attention, so if you focus anywhere else, he'll most likely bite you. Ewen is pretty much a momma's boy and has not shown much excitement for Hug a Sheep Day.

Miss Mia. Thanks to Ed's visit, Mia's shown some late interest in scoring some extra cookies attention.

Pros - she's pretty darn cute
Cons - she'll paw you in the kneecap and jump on you to get cookies

Graham. What are you doing?

I'm practicing my kissing!

Um, it's HUG a sheep day.

Yeah, whatever. If you make it up... [you can do it as many times as you want - City Boy]

Rebecca Boone.

Pros - excellent 'do, even in the wind.
Cons - doesn't suffer foolishness well and might haul off and pop you one just on principle.

Keebler and Woolliam - the all hair team. Woolliam's disappointed in his vote count, so he's giving the head tilt thing a try.

Pros - again, excellent hair
Cons - Woolliam's a grease ball. Bring an extra shirt.

I've only got one vote? I thought people liked cute little kids with freckles.

Poor Sherman. He's actually the most huggable sheep we have. In fact, he's starting to rival Buddy (another candidate I didn't get a good picture of this morning :-/) as the kindest sheep in the world. I give him lots of hugs, so he's not too traumatized ;-).

Don't forget the open house Saturday. Come out and Hug a Sheep!


CathyD. said...

We can, of course, vote for a different sheep every time we log on, right? You know what they say around these parts. Vote Early and Vote Often!!

Lori Skoog said...

I would love to hug one of your sheep...maybe several!

DayPhoto said...

Can I give everyone one vote each?! Heck I adore being a sheep lover, so everyone gets my vote.


Anonymous said...

I think I was just as disappointed as Ewenice that she wasn't on the poll. She is definitely my favorite. I do have a soft spot for Wooliam and Miss Boone too, especially since her very colorful "con" description. :) She kind of reminds me of me. ;) So, I voted for Keebler. He is too cute for words.

Denise said...

Oh too bad I am so far away....I'd love to hug Sherman. I had not seen him before! I like Petunia's sweet face too. And of course Keebs and Woolium are irresistible with those dread locks hanging down. Boudreaux certainly seems like a good candidate for hugging despite the biting....sheep teeth are not as sharp as a rabbits when they really nail you are they? How about I just hug them all....I have a soft spot for Miss Ewenice since she is such a dignified matron. They are all my favorite.

junelle said...

Now what am I supposed to do...they are all so stinking adorable! I love Shermie, too. I changed my vote because he looked like he needed me.

Love you sheep sis!

I for sure can't be there - but I will be there in spirit and hope to get out there some time soon!

Kim said...

We vote for Keebler because he's got cool hair, dude. Isn't that why you vote for a candidate?

Verde Farm said...

Oh my. How am I to decide? I want to vote for all but the little one with one vote? I always go for the underdog. I have to say though...Petunia--I want to write her in!! :)

Ed said...

I'd rather vote for Miss Mia, whe really liked the cookies. I would have hugged them all but they were wet.... Next visit..:-)

Anonymous said...

I gotta go with Rebecca Boone, who doesn't suffer foolishness well, which I find appealing in an elected official. Although, I love my sheep to enjoy foolishness :-)

Alice said...

All of the candidates look hug worthy to me. may they all win some cookies on Saturday!!

Nancy K. said...

I thought Ewen McTeagle was Miss Ewenice! That's why I voted for him! I was thinking that he (she) was the sweet ewe that babysits all the new lambs...I'm getting old and forgetful, ya know!

My Dreamer gives me hugs too! Just like Miss Ewenice does to you. She loves it when I wrap my arms around her neck and snuggle her.

Petunia looks SO huggable!

Your poll is much more evenly divided that mine. Dream is winning by a landslide!

There is NO WAY that I can possibly get everything done and ready by Saturday... :-(

Pam said...

I'm sticking with B. Willard, and I'm just stupid enough to try to still pick him up. Everyone else will get courtesy hugs. While still on the ground.

LunabudKnits said...

No kidding, I am writing in Miss Ewenice for several choices on election day! I feel she would do a much better job representing me than our current options of Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle Dum in several races.....lol

~Molly~ said...

I am going with 'Becca Boone because she sounds a lot like me!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I'd love to hug them ALL. They are so precious looking. :)

gtyyup said...

I wanna hug!!! I'll give long distance hugs I guess. Have a great Saturday...sounds like a bunch of fun!


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