Friday, January 22, 2010

The Curious Incident Of The Chickens At Dusk

You've got to love a chicken story that starts with "This is a true story...".

This is a true story. One late afternoon before Christmas I was working in the wool house. The Adventure Chickens, having been given free rein of the farm since the "incident" involving Hank "playing" with them, were happily scratching around, well, everywhere. As the sun set, they all filed into the barn. One chicken, however, stayed out in the driveway.

She wandered around, occasionally scratching the ground and I could hear her talking to herself. I frequently wonder what on earth those birds are doing or thinking. That night especially. I kept looking out the window and saw her walking back and forth. Braack. Braaack. Bock bock.

"What on earth are you doing? It's time for bed. It's dark out. Go to the coop."

Braaah. Bok bok bok.

"Oh, good grief. Come on. I need to do the night chores anyway."

As I walked into the barn and turned the lights on, I found all the chickens standing around in the aisleway looking worried. The door to their coop had blown shut and they couldn't go to bed. And either they drew straws to see who would come tell me or else that chicken was smart enough to do so on her own.

Hey lady? Lady! Lady in the building. Hey, um, the door's shut and we can't get in. Lady? Hey, you there in the house! Come fix the door.

A true story.

It happened again last night.


lisa said...

Well, lady at least you know what to look for when they start sqacking!

Camp said...

Hey you are like bilingual now? I think an additional latch to hold the door open is in order...otherwise they could use it as an excuse to slow up production ;-)

Alice said...

It was actually not a "bird brained" idea to keep squawking until you got wise to the fact that something was up. Very clever indeed!

Nancy K. said...

I bet it didn't take you so long to figure it out this time!

My chickens haven't done anything like that yet but Bella does it ALL the time. She's constantly coming and nudging me to tell me when something is wrong. It's usually the puppy chewing on somethings she's not supposed to have but I've learned to go see what's happening when ever Bella comes to get me.

Just like on Lassie!


Christine said...

LOL, see I told you they were smart! Chickens are awesome. I love a good chicken story. So is that chicken's name Lassie? I think it should be.

Michelle said...

What I want to know is, was the "announcer chicken" the same one both times?

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

cute story, I adore my birds

Callie said...

Great story! I always wonder what they are talking about too.

Gayle said...

I'd like to think they drew straws. Makes it more interesting.

Anonymous said...


DayPhoto said...

Chickens really are smart. One time, years ago, a skunk got into the chicken house and went to sleep under the heat lamp. The chickens set up a racket (it was a young skunk) and the 'head' chicken was the loudest of all. When I got there I had a problem to deal with, but they had done thier job. I finally got the skunk out (and it didn't spray, whew!)

The girls settled down with great confidence for the night and I swear they thanked me.



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