Monday, October 20, 2008

Rhinebeck Recap - Part 1

...also known as Christmas comes early for thecrazysheeplady.

We spent this past weekend in Rhinebeck, NY, for the NY Sheep and Wool Festival. This is my favorite weekend of the whole year!

This year was chilly - more of what I'd expect for October in the Hudson River Valley - but beautiful. The company was excellent and I was so excited to run into some people I knew during my lunch break on Saturday (and much warmer for it, thanks to a baked potato reconnaissance run by Julie!).

I took a really good spinning workshop with Spinning Spider Jenny on Saturday and wished it could have lasted at least a week. She's a great teacher and fun to boot! Sunday was shopping day :-).

Here are a couple "loot" pictures and a quick rundown. The fleece is Cormo. The tiny bag of musk ox cost almost as much as the big fleece :-O. The buttons are a pewter sheep design picked out especially for the Trinity vest. The knitting needles are Lantern Moon. The soaps and beeswax candle have sheep on them. Of course. The stitch markers are all different sheep, spinning and knitting designs. The note card of the lamb chewing on momma's ear was too precious to pass up. And everywhere I wore the Gita Maria pin on Sunday people asked, "Ooh, is that Gita Maria?" I felt like I'd been shopping at Tiffany's!

Possibly the real highlight of a trip somewhere like the NY Sheep and Wool Festival is looking at all the contest classes - fleeces, spinning, finished items, Sheep to Shawl... Saint Tim patiently waited while I looked at and read judges evaluations for I don't know how long.

I knew though that something really special was coming when he quietly said, "Hey, you've got to see this." And trust me, this photo does not even come close to doing justice to the real thing.

It literally took my breath away and I actually blinked back tears. I was afraid to touch it to see the artist's name..., but it looked like it had won "Best of Show" so hopefully I can find it on their website and give credit where so much credit is due.

You can't really see all of Rhinebeck in one weekend and you sure shouldn't try to recap the entire weekend in one post, so check back later for the Rhinebeck Recap - Part 2 - Sheep to Shawl!


thecrazysheeplady said...

I hate to add the dreaded word verification, but I'm getting killed by spam comments :-(. Sorry for the inconvenience. Keep the fun comments coming!

Nancy K. said...

What a wonderful 'haul' you made!
Someday I hope to get to Rhinebeck. And the Maryland S&W Festival...

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Oh Wow! You found some nice loot.
I'm so envious. I've always wanted to go.

Jeannine Bakriges said...

Greetings! I want to thank you for not only taking my workshop at Rhinebeck, but also for your wonderful spidery notecards. Your thoughtfulness is MUCH appreciated.
Cheers, Jenny


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