Monday, December 3, 2007

When The Saints Go Marching

I'm surrounded by saints. Whether it's Saint Tim for being such a good sport about everything, T-Bone for being such a brave patient, Judy for coming over and standing in the rain (we were in the barn, but it rained so hard we were sure we weren't) for hours while we worked on T-Bone's foot yesterday, to young Ewen McTeagle, who was recruited to join a walking nativity scene in a Christmas parade Saturday night. This turned out to be quite the walk, but most parades are. We had a good time though and I think we all slept well that night ;-).


~Tonia~ said...

Well I just sent you an email wondering about T-Bone. Sounds like the parade was fun.

Shelley said...

How sweet! How is T-Bone doing? I've been thinking about him. We're going to be going home in less that two weeks!!!!! woo-hoo!!!


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