Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Potato Chips

Sheep are like potato chips - you can't stop at just one. We recently traveled to Nistock Farms in New York to pick up a Cotswold lamb. Luckily we didn't bring the truck and trailer and a fat checkbook... and we never even made it to the ewe field. The plan was simple - one lamb, large dog crate, small SUV with air conditioning - everyone travels in safety, comfort and style. In reality? The Beverly Hillbillies.

He was just so pretty. I couldn't help myself. Beside, they travel better in pairs (wink, wink, nod, nod).

The Woodstock update is good. He's definitely a dove and growing up fast. He's been learning all his lessons in bird school and I'm starting to plan for his safe release. Maybe this weekend when we are all here to keep an eye on everyone.


overlook farm said...

Noah's Arc of the 21st Century..they came two by two in an SUV....

They are adorable and can't wait to hear what they think of Ewenice and Ewan :-)

And Woodstock...has grown up!!

Shelley said...

How cute!!! Chocolate and Vanilla! I can't imagine the trip from New York with both of them in there. I used to have a CRV... How funny!

~Tonia~ said...

Yay for new sheep. Looks like they have made their selves at home nicely. Maybe the other animals have told them what it is like around the farm. ;)

Glad to see that Woodstock is doing so well. Hope that the release goes smoothly.


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