Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Mug Only A Mother Could Love

Annabelle was the first baby born on our farm. She was the cutest teeny tiny lamb. For the first two days. Emily, her mother, took very good care of her. Maybe too good. Annabelle quickly became quite round and we changed her name to Annabelly. She got even rounder and we started calling her Anna Big Belly. Even Annabelle’s face got fat. Her spots got fat. Everything got big except her horns.

Jacob sheep must have at least two horns and can have up to six. Emily has four beautiful horns. Annabelly’s father had four really big beautiful horns. Annabelly has four tiny horns that refuse to grow. This sometimes happens when both parents are four horned and we would never try that cross again.

Jacob sheep use their horns for many things. We had a two horned ram that used his massive horns to break through gates, barn doors and even make some new barn doors. The four horned sheep use their upper horns to hammer down on each other, scoop up smaller sheep and send them sailing and, my favorite, open almost any type of door latch.

Annabelly doesn’t have usable horns - nothing to threaten others or even protect herself. So what is a pretty girl to do? She throws her weight around. The big, two horned ram (now a wether)? If Annabelly wants his hay pile? It’s hers. Several sheep eating from the same pile? Bowling pins. I’m not wanting to suggest that Jacob sheep are mean or violent. Far from it. But Annabelly? Let's just say nothing gets between her and a good meal.

But, even with all her flaws, we love her dearly. There's one in every bunch.

Top photo by Julie Siegel. Bottom photo - self portrait by Annabelly. Don't set anything down in a pen of Jacob sheep!

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