Wednesday, October 4, 2017


I'm finishing up some last minute details for the Kentucky Wool Festival this weekend and wanted to make a sign to advertise some fleeces I'm bringing for Final Frontier Farm.  "Oh, I'll just pull a picture off the blog and use that."

I clicked on the label "Lamb Camp" and scrolled down...and there weren't very many pictures there.  And not some of the favorites I picked for the 2018 Lamb Camp calendar.  Did I forget to tag them "Lamb Camp"?  I looked through the full month.  Where are some of those super cute pictures?!?

Then it hit me.  I was so busy helping with lambing at both Final Frontier and The Training Center and also taking care of our own farm and then Biscuit that I missed posting a bunch of Lamb Camp pictures!

So...after the festival is over and I've caught my breath, REMIND ME to go back through the photo files and post some of those missing Lamb Camp pictures.  In the meantime, here's one of my favorites.  

If you want a sneak peak at some of the other super cute pictures, come out to the festival this weekend and pick up a calendar ;-).  And yes, they'll be available online...after the festival :-o.


Michelle said...

It's been one of those years for a lot of us it seems! Have a great festival . . . I didn't get to go to either of those in my area this year, either. :-(

I need orange said...

"Mummy, I want to tell you a secret....." :-)

I will love to see lamb camp pics any old time. Every old time. :-)

sophy0075 said...

Oh so CUTE (I’m too lazy this morning to fiddle with the italic-making characters). Do we know any of these little ones as adults?

The Green Dogs said...

Oh goodness, I know the feeling! I accidentally skipped a whole post of cute pet lambs in the garden. I'm saving them for sometime when I run out of photos. I can't wait to see the cute babies! :)


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