Monday, October 16, 2017

The First Official Meet And Greet

There had been an accidental meet and greet a couple months ago when I'd not latched a gate all the way and the two lambs gleefully bounced out into the big flock with Mrs. Pepperpot having a stroke racing along behind them trying to fight anyone daring to get close to Muffin.  The "official" meet and greet went much smoother.  

As I'd mentioned before, Muffin just marched on out into the main flock like she'd been there all along.  Mrs. Pepperpot still wasn't thrilled, but there was no stopping her bold baby.

Biscuit was a bit more backward reserved, but B. Willard, who'd been a bottle lamb many years ago, helped him feel welcome.

Mrs. Pepperpot finally caught up with Muffin and then gathered Biscuit to get them both to "safety".

"I'm coming.  Waaait!"

But not far enough away.  Here comes Tara.

"Don't get in a punching match with a sheep with horns, Biscuit."

"Uh oh, I can't believe he did that.  I'm probably going to have to go break this up. That boy will never grow up."

She didn't.  Everyone got along fine.  It was getting late when I finally was able to let them out (the night before June came) so we only stayed out for a little while and then the three came back out for dinner and bed.  I have one more group of pictures to share and then we should be almost sort of caught up.  For now.  


JaneJMtl said...

Oh, how I love reading about all the entertaining activities at Equinox Farm. And isn't B. Willard a sweetie to make Biscuit feel welcome. As for Muffin, you go, girl!

Shirley said...

I love Biscuit's little top knot.
That went fairly well.... so far!

Reg Campbell said...

Everyone understands the importance of friendship and the importance of the guardian dogs at Equinox farm. Sara and St Tim are the most kind and loving farmers and friends of the farming community. The Equinox farm is in a very friendly to the farming community. Only wish we lived closer.

Terry and Linda said...

YAY! Some of us mother's are very slow to let the youngsters explore and meet new people, but in the end it is okay to let the kids grow!

LannieK said...

Adorable, as always! B.Willard is so awesomely sweet. It's good to see them all together!
(Thx for the smile)


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