Monday, October 30, 2017

2017 Hug A Sheep Day Party - Part One

We almost cancelled the party this year. Every day for a week the forecast looked worse and worse and by Wednesday/Thursday/Friday it was calling for 45 degrees and 90% chance of rain.  Rain is not fun.  Cold is not fun.  Cold and rain?  No one would want to come out in that :-(.  

Turns our we were all wrong!  One of Saint Tim's big sayings is 90% of the things you worry about happen 10% of the time.  There was a 10% chance it wouldn't rain and it didn't!  And the sun even popped out for a little while.  And as the afternoon went on, we had about 50 sheep huggers...and cookie feeders ;-).

Amy (Auset Images) came down from Indianapolis and took a ton of pictures for us.  Thankfully.  Not only because I never pulled my camera out, but also because she always gets such fun pictures.  The best part is you never even notice she's doing it.  She also sees shots I'd never notice.  Very fun and a great eye.

Woody and Murphy: "Now that's what I'm talking about!  Wait...are those cookies low fat?  What are you saying, lady!"

Buddy never fails to crack me up.  He is licking the bag of treats ;-D. 

As usual, Ewen preferred to just stand next to me while Liddy worked the crowd.  Boy bottle lambs... ;-)

We rotated sheep in and out of the "hugging pen", but even the sheep not in the pen were able to get plenty of attention...and cookies.


Chocula and Woody showing how it's really done.  "You've got to climb up on the door!"

Liddy trying to mind meld "Look at the cookies.  You know you want to give me one."

Tabitha made several attempts at being brave enough to come up for treats.  I was surprised that Tavia never came around.  She's usually the friendliest of the Ts.  

Dear old Annabelly was the only Jacob who got duped into volunteered to come out in the hugging pen.

Woody worked the crowd from inside the stall to the hugging pen to the field to the back of the barn to the hugging pen back to the stall and then the field and...

Next up - Biscuit, Muffin and Mrs. Pepperpot :-D.


Michelle said...

An excellent reminder of just how HUGE (in height only, of course) most of your sheep are!!! Love the muzzles either side of the plaque....

Mrs Shoes said...

ermagerd, those little sheep snoots!

I need orange said...

So glad we were able to come! :-) :-) :-)

When people say that cameras get between us and Being in the Moment, I have been puzzled -- my "looking" is so much more ... focused ... when I am using the camera.

But now I understand -- when the activity is about Doing (especially Touching!), rather than largely about Seeing, the camera stays in the pocket. When I can touch sheep (and dogs!) and can hand out Cheerios here, Cheerios there, Cheerios everywhere, well, I want to Be There and Do It. :-)

So glad to see Amy's pics (Thank you, Amy!!!) -- I only took a few...............

Thanks again to all at Equinox for making this possible for us city-dwellers. Loved every minute.

Lisa Smith said...

What a great day! I'm so glad the weather cooperated and you had so many huggers. (I love that 90%/10% saying from Saint Tim ~ it's so true!)
Thanks for documenting everything so nicely and the great photos. Love the one of Buddy licking the bag of treats! ❤


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