Monday, October 30, 2017

2017 Hug A Sheep Day Party - Part Two

Biscuit was happy to duck out of the gate and come into the barn with me. Muffin and Mrs. Pepperpot weren't so sure and held back.  Kate escorted us down the aisle and then we went back to get Muffin and Mrs. P.

"I should be bringing that sheep in by myself, but that stupid bottle lamb would only do what I told him if...well he never does what I tell him (grumble grumble)"

"Ha ha he won't even do what his mom tells him to do and is over there stealing hay when he could be eating cookies like me.  Surely she's got something better than apples?"

"Hey, that's not a cookie.  We are supposed to get treats, not tricks!"

"It's an apple, Woody.  Try it.  You'll like it!"

He did...and he did ;-).

With Kate's help, Mrs. Pepperpot and Muffin came on in, too.  Mrs. P was initially a little overwhelmed by having so many strangers around and asked to be excused, but I told her she should give it a chance.  Muffin took a minute to figure things out too, but then Look Out, we have a new Hug a Sheep star!

Hug a Sheep or Mug a Person...either way works ;-).

"I'll mug anybody!"

And with his big sister at his side, Biscuit was happy to mug everyone, too ;-).  We are looking at how black Muffin's fleece is under the sunbleached outer layer.

And how soft and silky Biscuit's lamb fleece is going to be next spring :-).

Trying for a family portrait.

And by the end, even Mrs. Pepperpot was all in on the mugging and even looks a bit cranky that Chocula has monopolized their latest "victim" ;-).  

All photos by Auset Images


I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

Your sweater us BEE EWE TEA FULL!!!

sophy0075 said...

I also want to know all the details about your tunic jumper. Whose fleece(s) did you spin? What pattern did you use?

(And oh yeah, I liked the photos of your sheep too 😉)

thecrazysheeplady said...

That's the Jester sweater, one of my favorites :-).

sophy0075 said...

Such a wonderful memorial to a grand old fellow!

Terry and Linda said...

Gosh, how fun that would be!!!

Patti said...

What a great event! Photos and captions made me feel like I was there. Love your sweater! Is that one you knit? Thank you for sharing, I appreciate the time you take to keep your blog full of information. Good and bad, I know not all is good on a farm.

Lisa Smith said...

Oh how I dearly love seeing these photos each H.A.S.D. Thank you for another great recap of the festivities. ❤
Your Jester sweater is so lovely; I can see why it's a favorite!

Claire Moxon-Waltz said...

That sweater is just gorgeous! I love my naturally coloured yarns but always struggle with what to make with them. Maybe I'll try something like that sweater, although it would take me an age to knit!


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