Saturday, October 14, 2017

Happier Hank

"What's the matter, Hank?"  

"Everything.  I need a tummy rub."

"Sorry Miss June, but it's Hank's turn."

"Can you believe that?  That guy is so mean, talking to that other dog and not me."

"This place is (yawn) terrible."

Hank loves everyone, but he especially loves Saint Tim :-).  

Just making sure June knows he's getting all the attention.  June's not losing any sleep over it ;-).

"I think I need some more tummy rubbing."

And that's why Saint Tim is his favorite ;-).

Before you feel too sorry for June, she'd already had a turn ;-).

Flock dogs are endlessly fascinating.  While many people have seen border collies working, herding sheep under direction of a shepherd, the only way you could get a taste of how livestock guardian dogs work would be to live with them.  I love the teams of guardian dogs at The Training Center and Final Frontier Farm.

The first night June was here we heard Hank and June barking together out back.  When the coyotes started calling last night I woke hearing June barking in the side field, up near the road.  Hank was barking out back.  They'd divided up and put the sheep, in the barn, between them.  Teamwork!

In the past Hank would have had to work the back AND the front.  It's not like this is big open range, but that's still a big job traveling back and forth.  This morning when I walked out to let the chickens out I quietly peeked around the back of the barn.  Both dogs were sound asleep together in the barn lot about 25 feet apart :-).  

I did morning chores about an hour later and Hank seemed much happier this morning.  He finally allowed himself to slip out the gate to make his normal yard check and then a big loop out back and I think that helped as well.  We've had everyone closed into the arena, barn lot and side field so we can keep a close eye on everything for a few days.  

I think life is starting to settle back down.  For everyone.


Anonymous said...

Finally! I was able to access your blog from my iPhone and catch up...except you really haven't given June's backstory or how she came to work at Equinox Farm. Michelle at Boulderneigh

Linda said...

Have you thought about some type of night camera just to see the dogs at work? That would be so cool!

Auntie Reg said...

A good night sleep always helps everyone’s attitude.

sophy0075 said...

I think you read Hank's and June's expressions perfectly!

So glad to learn that Hank has decided his subordinate (and Saint Tim has certainly indicated to her that she is!), is authorized/qualified to participate in guard duty. And to sleep in the barn with him.

The next event I would anticipate is that some sheep (Maisie? or another who's feeling ornery) would try some "divide and conquer" tactic against the Canine Duo. CrazySheepLady, be on your guard!

Sheepmom said...

So glad Hank is adjusting. I love the way he looks over at June - "Do you see this? Do you see the hooman loving on ME?" They will be a great team and the flock will be extra safe.

knitski said...

I just have to ask----When I respond to you through email is it posting in your comments? I use blogger as well and am not really to savvy with it all. I just use it!

Terry and Linda said...

June did look a bit worried. But it sounds like they are starting to be friends...which is a very good thing, as you well know.

Hugs to Hank and June

I need orange said...

I am glad Hank will have some help. It will make his life easier to share the guard duty, once he trusts her to hold up her end.

Rearranging personnel is always a stressful time for everyone. Relationships and responsibilities need to be figured out.....

From the outside looking in, this surely looks like it is going very well indeed.

I need orange said...

And Auntie Reg is *so right* about the importance of a good night's sleep. :-)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Looks like there's nothing better than a tummy rub! All dogs enjoy it and my two beg for them everyday. Love the team work Hank and June are doing to protect the sheep. Very smart and adorable too.

Shirley said...

Hank Williams and June Carter- the dream team!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hank has help! :0 She looks like a sweet dog:)


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