Sunday, October 1, 2017

Some Sunday Sheep Shots

It was a beautiful day.  I worked outside on the Wool House porch as much as I could and when I could stand it no longer, I grabbed my camera and headed out back with the sheep.  

Levi, Bullwinkle, Chocula

Mr. Handsome Hank

Can you believe that is baby Bullwinkle?!?

Chocula and Levi

The Bud-man

Levi and Bullwinkle are still good brothers.

In fact, they say Biscuit and Muffin ain't got nothin' on them and now they even have a puzzle to prove it!

Three Ts

We are getting close to being ready for the Kentucky Wool Festival this weekend.  I have something fun planned for any blog readers coming to the festival.  Stay tuned!


Michelle said...

This blog reader wishes she could come! As long as you can promise it won't be hot . . . I am SO over "hot."

sophy0075 said...

Bullwinkle is - wow; he’s a big boy. Rather dwarfs the Ts. (Where was Ms T4? She must be the girl who likes to wander. Perhaps off with her fellow- wanderers, the Adventure Chickens?)

I wish I could come to the festival- but it’s hundreds and hundreds of miles away. So I will have to settle for photos. Take lots, please .

Cheryl West said...

Love your beautiful, happy sheep (and Hank). Good friends, tasty grass and a sunny day, what more could anyone want?

ElaineChicago said...

Wow!! The sheep are really fluffy..... not fat!! The good old Bluegrass must be the trick!!

Terry and Linda said...

It's a beautiful Sunday you had!

LannieK said...

So wish I could be there ~ Have a great time!

Tombstone Livestock said...

I can' believe it stays so green there, hopping for rain in the next few weeks so I can have some green again

Ruth said...

Beautiful pictures! Is it just me or are the Ts getting very big? I can't remember if you bought them as lambs or not. They just look huge to me, or maybe it's all that extra wool!


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