Friday, September 4, 2015

More Complaining About The Heat

I'd taken these yesterday afternoon for an evening post, but when I saw Woolliam sleeping outside last night I knew that really told the whole story.  These aren't far behind though.

That is one sound asleep sheep.  Can you guess who?

Poor Woolliam.  Also very sound asleep.

Rebecca Boone.  Asleep.  What else can you do?

Well, if you are Keebler, you can get mad that you are so hot, get up, turn around, punch the sheep next to you so you can take his spot which surely must be cooler being nearly five feet away...  You can see that coming by the tilt in his ears.  It probably doesn't say much about me that I fall in the Keebler/Maisie camp if we did a "Which Punkin's Patch sheep are you?"

"Go back to sleep, Little.  It will be over NEXT THURSDAY.  Hope I don't punch anyone before then :-o."

I decided it was time for a cookie party and picked up a fresh box of Nilla Wafers this afternoon.


Michelle said...

Having suffered through more than our share of record-breaking heat this summer, I feel for you and wish upon you the lovely fallish weather we are now enjoying!

Lorraine said...

I know exactly how they feel- and we aren't wearing wool coats. I hope the heat breaks soon, because I've had enough.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Cookies will certainly help...maybe some Cherrios too:)

Michelle said...

It is so hot here in Kentucky! I will be glad for some cooler temps, and I am sure the sheep will too.

T.L. Merrybard said...

I'm guessing it's Maisie. Bleagh, we're heading for summer again here. Nooooooo! You guys can keep it up there can't you?

Unknown said...

The temps have been hovering around 90 for a long time over here. I see that next Friday it's supposed to be 71........just in time for the WI sheep and wool show!!
I hope your cookie party was successful and the sheep are less grumpy!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Yep, that's a signature pink ear for sure :-).

Terry and Linda said...

Not hot here, but need some heat to return. The sun and some heat...harvest just doesn't happen in the rain.


sophy0075 said...

Poor sweeties. Hot weather, high humidity AND several inches of wool (with a few scratchy burrs and twigs that "somehow" [not the sheep's fault!] managed to get in the fleece). I would be the sheep that kicks her barn mates out of The Gotta Be Cooler Spot with my hooves. Go on, make a "Which Punkin Patch Sheep Are You" quiz! Certainly better than what's been surfacing on Facebook.


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