Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Special Find

I'd been stuck in front of the computer all day (the calendars are done though :-). It was one of those beautiful fall days that, at the end, if you haven't done something to really experience even a tiny bit of it, you just have to hang your head in shame.  I grabbed the dogs and headed back to the Frog Pond.  

The Frog Pond is a small pond near the back of our farm.  When me moved here and started cleaning everything up, the bulldozer guy said we should just fill it in.  I knew though that even in it's humble state, it was home to all sorts of tiny, important to me at least, wildlife.  I would never destroy that.

We ended up just doing some repair work to drainage and dam and I started collecting Kentucky native plants, shrubs and trees to fill gaps and add color around the edge and encouraged as many flowers as possible that support all the bees and butterflies we hoped would stop by.  

While I haven't seen tons of Monarchs this year, I have seen more than "normal".  I walked back periodically to see if there was any sign of activity back there and was, as always, seeing nothing, worried because the majority of our milk weed had already died out for the year.  

Today (Sunday)?  Well, look!  :-D



  1. I'm glad to see this guy. We haven't seen a single Monarch this year or found a caterpillar. It is sad and worrisome. I'm glad they are still around somewhere.

  2. A monarch in the making... woooohooo :D

  3. He better hurry up! He's running out of time to head south. I was pleasantly surprised to find six caterpillar's about a month ago. I saw four of them hatch into butterflies and I hope they have a safe journey.

    1. I'm worried about that, but I guess there's nothing to be done. I'd drive them south if it would help.

    2. That was my first thought after hooray. It's going to be October tomorrow. How long does this little guy have to pupate before he can spread his wings? When is your typical first frost?

      You will have to keep us posted on his growth, metamophosis, etc. Fingers (since I don't have antennae) crossed for him.

    3. I'm going to walk back there again today and check. We have several really cool nights coming up, Not frosts, but 40s :-(.

  4. He/she will live long and head south! Yippee is right they are few and far between this year! :)

  5. I know you are busy but you should go to the Monarch was site and report your findings. www.monarchwatch.org

  6. you made me laugh--most people when they see those 'ugly' caterpillars run the other way or kill them--
    and yes I used to run until I learned more about them-now I too am happy to see them--
    smiles, di

  7. I LOVE finding friends like these! Lucky you!



  8. sweet! Keep checking on them.........

  9. I'm hoping I just didn't know what to look for as I didn't see any sign of anything today :-/.


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