Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Great American Barn Lot Camp Out

In all the years Woolliam has lived and slept here, he has never not slept in his corner of the inside stall of the barn.  It is That Hot.

I know, Big Guy.  I'm miserable too :-(.

Maisie's just mad about it.

Mad. As.  A. Hatter.


  1. Awww... wish I had some cool air for you and the gang. They look just miserable :-/ That shot of MM is great.
    (Shots w/ your new lens? lookin real good!)

  2. Is there any relief in your forecast? Even with all your fans and cooling efforts, I am so sorry that you are all too hot. It was miserable here in CT yesterday as well. I think we had another air quality alert. Tonight is supposed to be in the 50's before we warm up again and STILL no rain! I feel like Maisie.

    1. Not for several days. It's not that it's much hotter than those bad days in July (no 90 temps the entire month of August) but now the sheep have even more wool on them. It's not good when everyone starts feeling like Maisie ;-D.

  3. Typical Maisie, isn't it?! Such a sweet and determined little girl. :-)

  4. Poor sheep! I have the fan on Luna, our semi-feral cat who insists on Living Outside. She's been hanging out under it, on a deck chair, or under the gas grill tarp :(

    I am soooo ready for autumn - even the "feels like northern summer" kind we get down here. Dew point under 70, daytime temperature below 85 (like I said, "feels like northern summer"), nighttime dips down to the 70s....

  5. I hope there are no sheep fights before it is over. I feel so sorry for them:(


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