Monday, August 24, 2015

Which Shaun The Sheep Character Is She?

I was going to crop these down to focus on Maisie, but I noticed that the rest of the sheep were almost as funny, so I left them all as-is.  Just candid shots as they (or at least most of them, Graham!) raced in when Hank told them to the other day.  Hopefully you can biggify them to see Maisie's expressions as sheep, especially Woody, pass her crossing the bridge.

Yep, that's her!


sophy0075 said...

If you had asked me yesterday if I could identify a pissed-off (sorry for the language,but it is apt) sheep, I'd have said no. Today I say, "oh yeah!" I saw steam coming out of her ears, especially in that photo where one is horizontal and the other vertical.

The passing sheep better watch their backs!

Mary Ann said...

She DOES have that expression!

Lisa W said...

OK, I know I disagreed with you when you first sent this to me ... but now I see it. Yep, definitely see it. I agree with the 'steam coming out of her ears'!

T.L. Merrybard said...

That Graham Lamb, standing there like a rock in the stream. :)

Unknown said...

Nothing better than seeing two dozen or so sheep running like that! And who is the fluffy boy all the way in the back, to the right (the group of three sheep; he is in the middle)?


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