Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Best Part Of Waking Up...

...if there was just a coffee pot in the barn.

A beautiful foggy morning.  I have several good shots to share, but I need to be off and running this a.m.  If I don't get them posted later today, they'll be waiting on you tomorrow morning :-).


  1. We had that same cool, foggy beginning to the day here in Western MA. I had left all of the windows open and the greyhounds both were curled up in little balls. Autumn is coming!

  2. I love this picture so much. Every element of it is enchanting.
    Right down to the little bird perched on the fence.
    Do you allow people to use your photography at all? Like, if I wanted this printed to hang in my house, is that something you would ever allow? Just curious! This one is really special. Excited to see more!

  3. Well then. I look forward to my tomorrow morning starting off in the best possible way.

  4. Great shot! Fall is coming on fast:(

  5. And there is even a bird there, on top of the gate, to the right. Harmony.


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